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Ho Yin Poon ($200.00)
Good job, guys. Keep it up.
Anonymous ($50.00)
Nice haircut KeeWee! Thank you for the chocolate!
Kee Wee Ng ($5,000.00)
Botak United Shavees and supporters, I salute you and a big thank you. To all CCF beneficiaries, stay strong and fight - we have your back!
Kim Hin Lee ($250.00)
Well done team
Leng Hong Toh ($200.00)
Way to go...
Michelle Seok Wei LUM ($100.00)
Leonide Chang ($150.00)
Good effort! Looking forward to celebrate your 10th Botak Year one day!
Anonymous ($200.00)
Adam Ng ($200.00)
Kudos to Botak United for your consistent sacrifices for a good cause !