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We are a diverse group (American, Chinese, Indian, French, Singaporean) in the midst of our Executive MBA programme. We wish to mark the journey by doing something meaningful for charity. All 5 of us are parents with children and this commitment helps us show solidarity and raise awareness for children with cancer.
Total Amount Raised:

Online pledges - $32,982.04, Manual pledges - $0.00

Group Coordinator:
Andre Oei
No. of Shavees:

List of Shavees

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Meizi Yan


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Andre Oei


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Jack Feng


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Ranjee Singh


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Donations in support of INSEAD GEMBA Gems

Gabor Veroci ($130.00)
Inspiring initiative, very proud all of you.
Anonymous ($200.00)
Anonymous ($200.00)
SOFIA CHOULI ($100.00)
You are all such an inspiration!
Anonymous ($100.00)
My car is out of gas
Anonymous ($151.00)
Anonymous ($500.00)
Claire Chou ($50.00)
Claire: good work! Love you Meizi
Mustapha Saifuddin ($100.00)
Anonymous ($150.00)
Andrew Menon ($100.00)
Great work guys!
Anonymous ($101.00)
Kristin Unbehend ($150.00)
You all are so inspiring!
Arun Krishnamurthy ($50.00)
Ee Chek Chua ($200.00)
Yue Qiu ($1,000.00)
Children are the futures, every tiny action and contribution helps. Stay together to be stronger!
Bojan Trivic ($50.00)
You guys are amazing, kudos to you all for doing it!!
Wee Liat Chu ($100.00)
Great initiative!
Arun Krishnamurthy ($50.00)
Daisy Radford ($200.00)
You guys are amazing!!
Anonymous ($50.00)
Hair today gone tomorrow but the kind thoughts live on!
Zhengping Jiang ($100.00)
Anonymous ($100.00)
Gabriel Szulanski ($250.00)
Proud of you !
Ilya Tsetlin ($250.00)
Great look and nudge!
Anonymous ($200.00)
Antonio Fatas Juberias ($250.00)
Great initiative
Sigmund Kyrdalen ($100.00)
Looking good, Ranjee!
Cheng Wen Tan ($100.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)
Suat Ang ($200.00)
You guys are amazing. Thank you and well done!
Wan Yi Hazel Yeo ($200.00)
You guys rock! ^-^
Chen-ee Lee ($200.00)
Well done!!
Anonymous ($100.00)
Claudius Steinhoff ($1,000.00)
You guys are true legends! Proud to be part of the same GEMBA cohort.
Bihao Pan ($100.00)
Anonymous ($100.00)
Hui Xin Lee ($50.00)
KINGSLEY ANG ($1,000.00)
Truly remarkable effort to lead by example and show the world that "BALD is BOLD". Really proud of you all!
Yan Xue ($200.00)
Karim Awad ($100.00)
Well done, guys!