SCS (Singapore Computer Society)

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SCS for HFH!
Total Amount Raised:

Online pledges - $15,552.00, Manual pledges - $1,000.00

Group Coordinator:
Howie Lau
No. of Shavees:
Shaving Date & Time:
28 July 2018, 5pm - 6pm

List of Shavees

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Howie Lau


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Whee Teck Ong


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Avi Liran


Donations in support of SCS (Singapore Computer Society)

Derrick Koh ($50.00)
A hair-razing, fund raising feat! Go Howie Go! Go SCS GO! Erm.. what will you do with the fallen hair?
Jason Bay ($100.00)
WILLIAM LIU ($200.00)
Bravo! Very noble and brave efforts especially those with full locks, eg Howie! HAVE FUN!
Ken Wye Saw ($2,000.00)
Great initiative Howie and team SCS !!
Steve Burton ($100.00)
Well done - can't wait to see the photos!
Swee Cheang LIM ($200.00)
Caring Project by caring people, well done SCS folks!
Jingwei Tan ($50.00)
Sankar Anand Santhana Ganesan ($100.00)
Donation for hair for hope cancer foundation
Jiangfei Cheng ($100.00)
best wishes for the children.
Chun Long Tan ($100.00)
Shih Hor Lau ($200.00)
You guys are shining examples for the rest of us! ;)
Ngah Leng Tan ($100.00)
Alice Abigail Tan ($50.00)
Well done and all the way Howie and team!