Andie Chen

Hear My Story: Andie Chen, Celebrity Ambassador

How often do you see people queuing to give, rather than to take? This was a sight that caught celebrity and actor, Andie Chen, off guard when he first volunteered to host at Hair for Hope’s (HfH) finale event three years ago at VivoCity. In 2019, when Andie became the campaign’s inaugural celebrity ambassador, he decided to rope his celebrity friends in to lend their support as event emcees. Again, he was humbled by many of them stepping forward to volunteer their time for the cause.

“I think we can all see from this example, that being human is primary and money has become secondary. Being compassionate and having empathy is the reason why everyone is present at HfH and that itself, is very beautiful,” shares Andie. “Like how wolves survive in the wild by staying in a pack, humans display strength when in unity. We should support each other within our families and as a community, so everyone can have the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential.”

Andie continues to front HfH 2021 campaign as its celebrity ambassador this year. At HfH’s last run held in 2019, he shaved to give courage to children who were battling cancer. This year, he shares that being bald has evolved into a ‘state of mind’ for him and shaving his head has become the new norm. “Since my first shave in 2019, I’ve actually maintained the bald look throughout as a reminder of how fortunate I am to be given the opportunity to fight alongside children and families affected by cancer, and how much more I can do for them. I think the goal for me is to raise awareness that cancer does happen in children too, not just in adults. When you imagine their struggles, you will want to do something about it.”

Andie also opened up about how he became chattier because of his ‘botak’ head despite his introverted nature. Ever since he became bald for the childhood cancer cause, many people from all walks of life had approached him when they see him on the streets or during his daily commute. “The bald head is a great conversation starter, and you can tell how HfH has become a success story in many ways because people either already knew about the campaign or they knew someone who had shaved at HfH!”

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Photos were taken before COVID-19