Ang Howe Jun

Hear My Story: Ang Howe Jun, CCF Beneficiary and Childhood Cancer Survivor

Frequent trips to the playground, eating out with his family and savouring his meals were just some of the things 20-year-old Ang Howe Jun enjoyed when he was younger. However, all that changed when he turned five years old and discovered he had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia.

In a heartbeat, his world changed entirely. He found himself confined to the four walls of the hospital for his safety. With each treatment, he felt his body weakening by the day too. It was a stark contrast to his usual energetic and active self. What made it worse were the restrictions that limited his food choices at that time. The little foodie struggled emotionally and mentally.

"All I really wanted was to be normal," shared Howe Jun.

What kept him going was the strong support from his family. The sight of his mother, who gave up her job to take on the role of a full-time caregiver, provided much comfort to Howe Jun during his hospital stays and visits. The wholesome home-cooked meals by his grandmother were his source of joy and something he look forward to as well.

Etched fondly in his memories were the events CCF organised and the resources they provided such as books, toys, TV shows and even gaming consoles at the Family Resource Centre! Playing and reading provided him with the much-needed respite in between treatments.

When Howe Jun was finally on the road to recovery, he signed up for various events and programmes organised by CCF such as Children's Day Camp and movie outings, just to name a few. These initiatives helped him regain a sense of normalcy and create new, happy childhood memories. Through these platforms, he also met other childhood cancer survivors and formed meaningful friendships built on shared experiences and empathy.

To help Howe Jun transit back to mainstream school, CCF met with his teachers to make special arrangements for his classroom to be on the ground floor, which was more convenient for him to walk between venues within the compound. He also had a special lift pass to access the teachers' lifts. His classmates also chipped in by helping Howe Jun with his school bags and accompanying him wherever he needed to go.

As Howe Jun reflects, he does not look back on his journey as an ordeal but rather a season in his life where he had received so much. He knew that his triumphant battle against cancer was a collective effort of his own, his family, the support of CCF and the community.

Now that he is a childhood cancer survivor, Howe Jun and his family believes in paying forward the help they had received. This year, Howe Jun will make his fifth BALD statement, together with his father.

When asked what motivates him to shave year after year, he shared in all earnestness, "Having been on the receiving end of what the community has given me, I have experienced how every little act makes all the difference. If all it takes is for me to go bald, I will gladly do it year after year."

Every BALD statement and donation counts towards cheering children and families impacted by cancer on in their battle against the life-threatening illness.

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