Grab Singapore

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Total Amount Raised:

Online pledges - $342,394.17, Manual pledges - $25,702.00

Event Coordinator:
Michelle Yeoh
No. of Shavees:
Shaving Date:
27 June 2019

List of Shavees

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Jerald Singh


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Kell Jay Lim


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Russell Cohen


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Zhibo Sun


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Anthony Tan


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Joanne Lum


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Ze Yu


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Alex Le


Donations in support of Grab Singapore

Michelle Yeoh ($50.00)
Go Grab Go!
Nadia Goei ($100.00)
To all the brave men (for shaving their hair) and children
Nicholas Tan Kai Sheng ($200.00)
God bless !
Carrie Cai ($100.00)
Isha Gera ($100.00)
Thien An Bureau ($100.00)
Thanks for organizing. Be safe!
Siow Wei Koh ($50.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)
Rethinam Ulagapan ($50.00)
We only have one life. Do your best.
Joanne Lum ($250.00)
Go team!
Sai Kyaw Kyaw Htun ($50.00)
Loc Nguyễn ($100.00)
Jui Hai Tang ($200.00)
Anonymous ($80.00)
Coz you are all worth it.
Anonymous ($50.00)
Boon Hwee Ernest Lee ($300.00)
Ming Lai ($50.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)
Nguyen Tran ($50.00)
Fabian Lim ($50.00)
Dilip Kumar Jayakumar ($100.00)
Jin Fong Cheng ($100.00)
Kind and brave act!
luis enriquez ($300.00)
Aurobindo Dash ($100.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)
Anonymous ($20.00)
Hong Tian Ngo ($20.00)
Kiat Soon Kwah ($50.00)
Anonymous ($100.00)
Ing Suay Tiang ($100.00)
Russell Cohen ($300.00)
Proud of you all for supporting this important cause
Tom Duncan ($200.00)
Go Chin Yin and Andrew! Great effort for a great cause.
Sherly Lieanata ($100.00)
Thank you :)
Ming Lee Quek ($50.00)
Anonymous ($25.00)
Suvi Murugan ($50.00)
Thanks for the opportunity to spread the word !
Pay Hon Lee ($50.00)
Bun Cing Mustafa ($100.00)
Kanika Choudhry ($100.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)
Priya Sahu ($50.00)
God Bless to the innocent, cute little smiles
Pok Tian Kee POk Beng ($50.00)
Patrick Tham ($50.00)
May God Bless All!
Noraini Ann Sainin-Lesinski ($50.00)
Annabella Ng ($100.00)
Proud of all the big hearts in the Grab family!
Anonymous ($50.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)
Oon Huat Tia ($5,000.00)
ng chun hian ($1,000.00)
Philip Madeley ($50.00)
Thank you for creating awareness of childhood cancer and putting on this event. So proud of Grab and the Grabbers who are taking part. Amazing!
Danny Koik ($300.00)
Amazing effort Grabbers! Every bit counts!
Arvind Swaminathan ($50.00)
I wish to be a small supporter of this very important cause and will be great to see these small contributions bring smile to many kids out there.
Paul Ryan Manzo ($50.00)
GOD bless and more power to HFH!
Roshni Oinam ($50.00)
Go Grab Go!!
Kaira Peh ($100.00)
Thank you all for taking a stand to support the awareness of childhood cancer. Proud of all of you!
Sandeep singh Rawat ($10.00)
Pray to god for cancer free world
Hui Hui Chong ($50.00)
Supporting all you brave heroes and heroines!
Anonymous ($100.00)
Anonymous ($100.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)
Keiichiro Suzuki ($200.00)
Anonymous ($10.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)
#hairforhope #techforgood