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"To support the Children's Cancer Foundation"
Total Amount Raised:

Online pledges - $4,830.00, Manual pledges - $220.00

Event Coordinator:
Sanjay Radakrishna
No. of Shavees:
Shaving Date:
3 July 2019

List of Shavees


Sanjay Radakrishna ($100.00)
Anbalahan Muthusamy ($100.00)
Vanessa Loo ($50.00)
Indra Devi NA ($100.00)
Aryssa N ($50.00)
Bathmavathi Narayanan ($200.00)
Boon Seng Goh ($100.00)
Great job... Keep up the good work, Anba and team.
Gomathei Muthusamy ($100.00)
Great initiative. Best of luck!
Ramesh Ganeson ($100.00)
Great spirit Northbrooks! May all in need of care be blessed.
Anparasy Muthusamy ($100.00)
Well done! :)
Kobu Kotaraju ($100.00)
Thank you for raising fund for a very good cause.
Anonymous ($50.00)
Anonymous ($20.00)
Manimehalai Muthusamy ($100.00)
Anonymous ($100.00)
Lekha Nair ($100.00)
Good luck. Hope everything proceeds smoothly 🙏🏼
Cameron Ford ($100.00)
Hwee Lee Phoon ($100.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)
Keep up the good community work!
Anonymous ($25.00)
Thiam Keng Ng ($100.00)
Anonymous ($28.00)
Keep up the good work!
Anonymous ($100.00)
Nick Chan ($500.00)
So elated to see our school involved in such meaningful activity! Great job to the 20 volunteers and the donors who support us in this cause!
Anonymous ($200.00)
Much Love to patients and their families. In memory of my late step-mother.
Anonymous ($20.00)
Wan Yee Lim ($100.00)
Himanshu Bakhda ($300.00)
Anonymous ($200.00)
All the best!
Anonymous ($200.00)
Much love to all those who have been affected by childhood cancer in one way or another. May God provide you with strength, comfort and courage.
Joanna Ong ($100.00)
Glad that Northbrooks Secondary is supporting children with cancer through this event!!
Anonymous ($100.00)
All the best!
Kesavan Thangam ($100.00)
Aijiao Low ($100.00)
Wendy Lee ($200.00)
Yi En Low ($30.00)
Stay strong!
Anonymous ($100.00)
Ivy BaoYuan Zhang ($50.00)
Glad to see my secondary sch involved in such meaningful event!
Pam Ong ($100.00)
Way to go Nicholas!
Anonymous ($100.00)
Anonymous ($307.00)
Liyan Tay ($50.00)