Thales Solutions Asia Pte Ltd

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"Create awareness and support our children"
Total Amount Raised:

Online pledges - $24,929.23, Manual pledges - $0.00

Satellite Coordinator:
Cheryl Chew
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List of Shavees

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Brian Seah


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Jon Cahilig


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Edmund Teo


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Donavan Cheah


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Steven Lim


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Sunny Yau


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Donations in support of Thales Solutions Asia Pte Ltd

Ying Leng Chan ($500.00)
God Bless all these Children
Cheryl Chew ($200.00)
Support our children!
Anonymous ($2.00)
💟Full of COMPASSION AND LOVE💟 Shavees of their respective age will be a GREAT MORAL SUPPORT to All Cancer Patients which INCLUDES ADULTS too🙏🙏🙏!
Anonymous ($2.00)
💟UNBELIEVABLE/INCREDIBLE PUBLIC IMPACT💟 All shavees will be like a walking bible to create the awareness that it's OK To Be BALD ~ 👍BRAVO👍!
Anonymous ($100.00)
Bravo, Team Thales shavees! Much thanks for your big heart, great courage and your support in helping the cancer patients! Go Go GO!!
Ling Eng Yeo ($100.00)
Anonymous ($150.00)
NG Kum ($100.00)
Anonymous ($30.00)
Anonymous ($500.00)
Anonymous ($100.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)
Bee Choo Chua ($50.00)
Baptiste DRUAUX ($100.00)
Thanks for the initiative team!
Richard Lee ($50.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)
Tony Lam ($100.00)
&ldquoIt's easy to make a buck. It's a lot tougher to make a difference.&rdquo Tom Brokaw
Pessy Chan ($100.00)
"As the purse is emptied, the heart is filled." Victor Hugo
Anonymous ($20.00)
Good cause!
Anonymous ($100.00)
Emily Tan ($300.00)
Go Team Thales! Bravo to our volunteer shavees!
Nicolas Bouverot ($50.00)
Thales ($80.00)
Anonymous ($100.00)
Anonymous ($10.00)
Ian Soh ($50.00)