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"As a community of learners at Nexus International School, we want to support children who have been diagnosed with cancer and ensure that they have the best facilities available and the chance to recover. Please support this important campaign."
Total Amount Raised:

Online pledges - $23,061.00, Manual pledges - $422.55

Satellite Coordinator:
Andrew Fordham
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tiana samraj


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Valerie Thia


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Jim Bevan



Donations in support of Nexus International School

Anzhelika Malovichko ($40.00)
Rachel Malster ($50.00)
Well done team Nexus!
Iain Rodger ($200.00)
Nexus International School ($422.55)
soohyung choi ($100.00)
Laura McLaughlin ($100.00)
Sandra Burke ($100.00)
Sanyukta Chakrabarty ($50.00)
Lucy Bates ($300.00)
Well done team!!
Brandon Setiawan ($5.00)
I am very proud of Malakai.
Nexus International School (Singapore) ($100.00)
You guys are doing an amazing job!
Priit Turk ($100.00)
Ting Estrella ($100.00)