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Edgefield Primary School


Amount Raised

Online pledges - $715.00
Manual pledges - $6118.95

Total $6833.95

Event Coordinator : Xiao Yan Pang
No. of Shavees : 90
Shaving Date : 2017-05-17

Reason for shaving

List of Shavees

No shavees yet.

Donations in support of Edgefield Primary School

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  1. Geeta Sahni ($100.00) says:

    Fund raised by punyyaah. We pray for well being of patients.

  2. Priyanka Jaiswal ($50.00) says:

    Supporting brave boy punnyahh for his act of kindness and my prays for the patients.

  3. Anonymous ($100.00) says:

    A little that I can help.

  4. Jenny Yeo ($100.00) says:

    Supporting Punyyaah for his bravery and a caring heart.

  5. Anonymous ($50.00) says:

    In support of all the brave students, especially Mathimaran for their courage and compassionate act of kindness.

  6. Geeta Sahni ($100.00) says:

    Supporting punyyaah for his participation in good cause .

  7. Anonymous ($5.00) says:

  8. Anonymous ($5.00) says:

  9. Amilie Tang ($5.00) says:

  10. Anonymous ($100.00) says: