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Aadam Kakakhel

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"I hope to raise awareness within my community of child cancer. By shaving my head I aim to give an opportunity for people to sponsor me and give money to this charity, which supports these children and their families in need of financial help. Please support me or the other shavees from Nexus. Thank you!"
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Online pledges - $540.00, Manual pledges - $0.00

Donations in support of Aadam Kakakhel

Andrew Fordham ($25.00)
Well done Aadam. You are a star. Thank you for taking part in this campaign and helping children with cancer.
Anonymous ($100.00)
Well done Adam, a very noble cause.
Sylvia Klinzing ($20.00)
Amazing effort Aadam!
Anonymous ($30.00)
Humza Kakakhel ($5.00)
Anonymous ($10.00)
Muhammad Fayaz ($10.00)
Well done Adam. We are proud of you.
Mian Ijaz Uddin ($100.00)
Well done young man for supporting a noble cause.
Farzana Sultan ($50.00)
Amena Hyder ($10.00)
A great cause! All the best
Anonymous ($100.00)
Rachel Pochat-Cottilloux ($20.00)
Well done 👏🏻
Duncan Shiel ($10.00)
Nermeen Kakakhel ($15.00)
What a great cause!
Umar Syed ($20.00)
Aadam Kakakhel ($5.00)
Suleyman Hyder ($10.00)
A great cause! Good luck!