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"I think it’s a really great way to stand with the patients and show support! I’ve also been wanting to participate since last year so I’m excited to have the opportunity now. "
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Donations in support of Adora Cheng

Jackson Tan ($100.00)
Benny Koh ($1,000.00)
All the best! Great effort.
Anonymous ($100.00)
Good cause with courage ! Well done !
Leng Teck Ong ($188.00)
George Peng ($500.00)
Well done Adora.
KC Yeoh ($250.00)
Great initiative, Adora! Fully support
Suzie Hum ($100.00)
Dear Adora. You have a BIG heart and I am so proud of you. From, aunty Suzie.
Kenny Yeo ($150.00)
Li ling Goh ($100.00)
Adorq, 加油!💪💪💪
Vernon Thane ($999.00)
Courageous and exemplary!
Rachel Lum ($200.00)
Adora, I am so proud of you!
Ryan Lai ($100.00)
Good heart &amp huge courage. You are a role model for all of us Adora. Hope to meet you one day when I catch up with your dad. From Uncle Ryan
Anonymous ($50.00)
CH Toh ($200.00)
Well done and you are awesome, Adora!
Arul Ramasamy ($100.00)
Adora, you have powerful backing from Malaysia as well! well done!
EK Lim ($100.00)
Well Done Adora !
Sammy Ang ($100.00)
Gambate Adora from Uncle Sammy and Auntie Stella
Adrian Kow ($100.00)
Well Done Adora
Anonymous ($100.00)
Wee Yap Ng ($100.00)
Brave feat for a good deed Adora!
Mizue Nakanishi ($100.00)
Well done Adora. Inspirational.
jy ly lim wong ($15.00)
Hannah Xue ($10.10)
Yuxun Tee ($5.00)
Beom Soo Choi ($2.00)
Gd job Adora 👊
Belinda Tan ($50.00)
Way to go, Adora ! You can do it 💪
Joy Cheah ($300.00)
Dear Adora 姐姐, you are very brave and you are someone I look up to!👍
Joshua Lum ($100.00)
加油! Adora ! 舅舅 is proud of you!
Siew Ping Lum ($200.00)
What a brave young lady! The world will be a better place because of you! You go girl!
Lauren Lum ($100.00)
Having empathy for others is the greatest virtue. So proud that you have the courage to display it boldly!
Anonymous ($20.00)
Ron Ysai ($5.00)
Hella brave man
Ching Ching Yeo ($500.00)
Well done Adora! From uncle Tok Hong and aunty Michelle
Anonymous ($10.00)
Kelvin Wee Ping Goh ($380.00)
With love from uncle Kelvin auntie Michelle and family.
Abigail Cheng ($100.00)
well done you egg!
Lee Ping Lum ($500.00)
Dearest Adora , we are proud of your brave act to support this meaningful cause. Keep up this spirit! Love from Dad and Mom
Lee Yen Lam ($50.00)
Your wonderful act will go a long way. Well done Adora!
Steven Sim ($50.00)
Nan See Teng ($100.00)
What a brave and unselfish act! Big thumbs up!!
Sherrane Hay ($200.00)
Well done Adora!
Andrea Loh ($100.00)
Well done, Adora!
Soo Hui Tan ($50.00)
Well Done!
Anonymous ($50.00)
👍👍👍Beautiful from inside !
Christin Sudarsono ($100.00)
Well done, Adora! What a big heart you have ❤️Support👍🏻👍🏻
Gwen Chew ($100.00)
God Bless to you and your Family!!
Adrian Lim ($200.00)
Great initiative and all the best!