Amy van Onselen

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"The support the Children's Cancer Foundation and the good work they do."
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Online pledges - $7,085.00, Manual pledges - $0.00

Shaving Time Slot:
29 July 2018, 4pm - 5pm

Donations in support of Amy van Onselen

JJ Ang ($100.00)
Go Girl!
campaign manager ($400.00)
well done amy!!!
Melissa Sit ($100.00)
Way to go, Amy! From Melissa & Pirom
Tony Ang ($50.00)
Proud of u! Good one!
Saitong Hwangkuntham ($100.00)
Well done Amy! Will be there on 29 July if I'm in town!
Mickey Meow ($50.00)
Small amount but wish that the money will do the most good
Serene Chia ($100.00)
True Bravery!
Anonymous ($100.00)
Appreciate u wanna look like me even though for charity!!
Vishal Bhatt ($100.00)
good work Amy! Keep it up. PROUD!
good effort mate!
Melvin Ong ($100.00)
Well done
Jayaraj Pariyadath ($100.00)
small deeds go long way.
Pauline Ang ($200.00)
Bravo! So Proud of you Gal !
Shr Ya, Rinchen Sim ($800.00)
Good deed Amy. To the kids & especially to the mums of the suffering kids, imagine the ordeal they’re going through. Hope the little donation helps.
Ravi Muthusamy ($100.00)
kudos to your act of bravery!!
Paul Murphy ($500.00)
Great job!
Sergio Spinos ($300.00)
Jagadeswari Jaganathan ($100.00)
Tue Bravery! God Bless !
Tessa von Tesco ($150.00)
Hey sis we can be twins!!!
Clive van Onselen ($800.00)
Rather extreme way to get a suntan child!
Sparky von Blouberg ($150.00)
Its taken you 16 years to realize how cool short hair is.......
Azra von Rondebosch ($150.00)
Great charity child, I hope you dont mind if I continue sleeping while you have your haircut.......
Possum von Serangoon ($200.00)
I guess Ill have my haircut too.......
Ricky van Onselen ($400.00)
Welcome to the brush cut fraternity!
Lyndall van Onselen ($800.00)
Exceptionally proud of you my angel!
Timothy Hill ($100.00)
Hope it helps Dash Boot to go faster!
Yu Heng Ang ($50.00)
You&rsquove made a difference! Hope to make it this sunday.
Beauty Van Dyke ($45.00)
Money for your excellent cause that I have saved up from my Carrot Fund, Amy!
David Johnson ($45.00)
Good work, Amy!
Gill Clark ($45.00)
Excellent, Amy!
Sheryl Lee ($200.00)
Respect for your courage, see you on Sunday! )
Isabelle Lee ($500.00)
Imagine all the shampoo you&rsquore going to save! Will take longer to wash your face though... Jokes aside, I couldn&rsquot be prouder. You&rsquore the best!
Olivia Oh ($50.00)
Beautiful Amy!