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"Cancer, especially in children, can be a painful experience. While we cannot fully understand what these patients go through, I hope to be a reminder that no one ever has to face cancer alone."
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Online pledges - $27,368.00, Manual pledges - $173.00

Donations in support of Andrea Ho

Miles Chiu ($150.00)
You're doing this for a good cause, so of course it's a YAY!
Francis Lee ($100.00)
Dear Andrea, we salute your effort! God bless!
Anonymous ($50.00)
Chaw Ming Quek ($200.00)
Dear Andrea, you’ve showed such admirable courage and kindness! You are a role model to our little ones! (Auntie Yin Hui)
Anna Ho ($100.00)
im so proud of you sissy!! ❤️
Say Chin Lim ($100.00)
Andrea, We are so proud of you for your courage & compassion! The Lord bless you and crown your head with Glory! 🙏🏼🙌🏼
Bee Hwee Hong ($100.00)
Kwok Wah Tae ($500.00)
Well done Andrea!
Gillian Ng ($100.00)
加油Andrea! Aunty Gillian is proud of you!!!
Tristan Wee ($100.00)
Tricia Wee ($100.00)
Man Fung Tai ($500.00)
Sandy Low ($1,000.00)
Dear Andrea we are proud of your decision to shave your hair for this great cause. You are gonna look and feel COOL :p. (Uncle Sandy & Aunty Cat)
Conrad Kwok ($500.00)
Good luck with your fund raising Andrea !
Xiuying Chen ($100.00)
Yin Pei Ho ($100.00)
Shiow Ing Yew ($200.00)
Andrew Ng ($100.00)
Stephen Kiam Kong Ho ($1,000.00)
Very bold and confident, Andrea! Well done. Pak Pak and Pak Mei.
Koh Taw kwang ($200.00)
Good job!
Sok Tin Thiong ($100.00)
You have my support!
Jacqueline Wong ($20.00)
Cheng Miang Cheng ($1,000.00)
Well done, Andrea.
Abel Thio ($500.00)
very well done Andrea, may you always sparkle and shine like a star touching the lives of many in ways unimaginable, proud of U.
Jennifer Chew ($50.00)
Michelle Ling ($100.00)
Hi Andrea, bravo to your courage & kind heartedness to spread awareness!
Catherine Ng ($1,000.00)
Love and Faith will drive all things!
Tina Wong ($218.00)
Brave beyond words Andrea!
Kwan Nga Wong ($100.00)
Lily Tan ($100.00)
You go, Andrea! ❤️
Anonymous ($100.00)
Way to go Andrea! It takes a lot of courage for you to do this and I'm so proud of you!
Nellie Ho ($1,000.00)
Very brave of you Andrea! Fighting! Hugs from Mark & Nellie!
Voon Yew Ung ($280.00)
Very well done!👍👍👍
Yuh Bin Choong ($50.00)
Ben Davies ($1,000.00)
Andrea, You’re a total rock star and a role model for our little ones. May your heart always be this big and your eyes always this open.... Awesome !
TY Ung ($200.00)
Bravo ! Great step forward to be different and to bless others !
Say Jim Goh ($500.00)
Hi Andrea, It’s so heart warming to see you undertaking charitable work at such young age.
Hock Leong Loo ($500.00)
Andrea, steady!
Ryna Mustafa ($100.00)
You awesome so Andrea!! 好棒!加油! (TTT Aunty Ryna)
Pei Yu Choo ($100.00)
Andrea! Way to go! Very courageous of you to participate in this initiative! Salute Salute!
Anonymous ($150.00)
chai ling Wong ($100.00)
Dear Andrea, really admire your courage to shave off your hair! Stay Cool : ) Aunty Chai Ling
Anonymous ($100.00)
You’r inspirational Andrea! Well done.
Anonymous ($50.00)
Wow! Well done, young lady! Very courageous of you!
George Chia ($500.00)
Laura Poon ($100.00)
Andrea, you are so awesome!
Wendy Lee ($300.00)
Dear Andrea, I admire your guts and heart of gold.
Karen Goh ($100.00)
Moved by your courage. You'll rock without hair too!
Rena Ho ($1,000.00)
Great Job Andrea!
Bee Lian Khoo ($500.00)
All the best Alice Khoo
Kwok Kwan Alex Shiu ($500.00)
Go for it. Admire your courage.
Kervin Tay ($200.00)
May you get more raises
Hock Lai Ling ($150.00)
Well done Andrea!
Ida Lee ($400.00)
Every small step towards new hope.
Loo Hoon Elaine Chew ($100.00)
Jasline Heng ($100.00)
Dear Sweetie, your courage and love for the sick is inspiring! Dear Andrea, I'm sure you will look fabulous! (David)
Yan Pheng Tan ($500.00)
Very inspiring and very brave of you Andrea! Well done you on taking this challenge in aid of charity! With lots of respect, Ping, Ian, Katie & Anna
Catalina Takafuku ($50.00)
You’re brave and caring! Salute to you Andrea!
Lindsay Hu ($150.00)
YOU GO BRO such an amazing thing to do thanks to my mom for funding this donation, and to miles for peer-pressuring me into donating another $50 :D
Chong-San Kay ($100.00)
Christina Chua ($100.00)
Proud of you
Kelvin Ang ($50.00)
Andrea, thank you for making this world a better place.
Mona Yam ($100.00)
Very brave if you! Such kind heart goes a long long way !! 💕
Benedict Ho ($80.00)
Proud of your dedication and values, such an amazing message to send :) Love, Ben & Sonia
Barbara Terhaag ($20.00)
Thrilled to be counting such a strong and beautiful young woman as part of our family soon!!
Cheng Pheng Ooi ($1,000.00)
Andrea, your decision to shave off your crowning glory to raise funds for the CCF is really courageous and admirable. I am so proud of you.
Wei Jing Clara Chan ($200.00)
Well done Andrea! Admire your courage and kind heart! 😍
Tat kwong Yau ($200.00)
Hang Kwang Soh ($1,000.00)
So heartening that u are doing this for the common good! We love your huge capacity to care and love! God Bless! Sebastian, Rachel and David
Mathew Lee ($200.00)
Awesome! You're living out "1 Peter 3:8 (NLT)"!!! We're with you all the way.
Setiadi Diana ($100.00)
So proud of you, Andrea.
Shirin Ismail ($200.00)
You are a very big hearted gal!
Mona Chen ($100.00)
Wow! Andrea, you are a star! Very proud of you...sacrificing for such a good cause! We will support you! Jia you!😀👍💪🙌👏👏👏🙏
Jessie Yeow ($150.00)
Dear Andrea, your courageous act is really admirable! May you continue to be inspirational to people around you! Auntie Jessie
Tana Chen ($100.00)
A true inspiration to all of us, thank you for your act of bravery and selflessness.
Sandeep Mahawar ($100.00)
Best wishes and well done!
Violet Kwok ($100.00)
Well done Andrea. Love, Popo Violet
Carol Lee ($250.00)
Salute you, Andrea!
Francis-John Ho ($200.00)
Hey Andrea, this is from Dom and me. Dom said he has some congratulatory words for you, but he'll shave it for later. i told him to cut it out
Glen Ung ($30.00)
I am very proud of you!
Wai yin Cheung ($500.00)
Well done Andrea!
Kim Kooi Chan ($50.00)
For a very brave girl Andrea Ho! Am proud of you - Aunty AieLi
Anonymous ($200.00)
:) good luck
Mei Fang Toh ($50.00)
So proud of you Andrea
Ashley Ho ($100.00)
Hi Andrea, gold stars 🌟🌟🌟for you for doing such an amazingly GREAT deed!
Siow Ying ($50.00)
Kiam Seong Ho ($3,000.00)
You've chosen to make a meaningful contribution to society in your own way and we're truly gratified and immensely proud of you! Love, Daddy & Mummy
Angeline Poon ($100.00)
Wonderful and brave move to help those in need. Proud of you sweetie!😘
Kien song Wong ($100.00)
Thanks for doing this. Its a big sacrifice especially for a young lady like you.
Ken Yap ($20.00)
Sharon Wong ($50.00)
Very brave of you, Andrea!
Joyce Lim ($50.00)
You are amazing Andrea! Thank you for showing us what is love.
Lilian Gan ($100.00)
👍 Andrea!
Rachel Ho ($200.00)
Hope you know how incredible you are ❤ proud to have someone like you to look up to.
Eleen Jieu ($100.00)
When many girls your age are spending so much time tending to their hair, you showed them what good you could do with yours!
Kirana Ho ($100.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)
Brave young Andrea 👍 - Your love and compassion for the children is admirable! ❤️
Eve Lew ($200.00)
Well done Andrea, we are so proud of you. Exceptional courage!!
KK Ho ($500.00)
Well done Andrea! Proud of you!
Kim Huat Chia ($100.00)
So proud of you! -JE