Anthony Van Eeckhout

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"I am always keen and motivated to support a good purpose! "
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Charlotte van Soest ($50.00)
Nicolas Dumoulin ($50.00)
Kzijn benieuwd!
Kirsty Poltock ($100.00)
Well done Tony - great cause!
Aarti Budhrani ($50.00)
If anyone can, YOU CAN!! All the best!
Eric DANG ($55.00)
I'm sure you will run even faster withou hair, it's called aerodynamic!
Anonymous ($20.00)
John Doyle ($175.00)
Keep it up, dont forget to put suncream on your head
Dinh Viet Anh Nguyen ($25.00)
Stephanie Low ($10.00)
Go Tony!
Wei Hao Chan ($50.00)
You're shaving your brows off too right......?
Marc Cedric Ferreras ($25.00)
Nikita Mirpuri ($20.00)
You go Tony!!
Ken Ong ($50.00)
Way to go Tony!
Anonymous ($50.00)
Mellissa Mayne ($50.00)
Queen V ($50.00)
Double if you shave your brows!
Anonymous ($15.00)
Anonymous ($25.00)
go charlotte