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"To create awareness for Cancer. Bald is beautiful!"
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Donations in support of Ayaan Tewari

Nitu Jain ($100.00)
Way to go Ayaan! You are brave and inspire many!
Ee Xun Ang ($50.00)
πŸ‘ Ayaan!
Rajen Ahuja ($50.00)
You are doing a great deed Ayaan. All the best. Wish you continue to make difference in other people lives.rnrnBestrnRajen
Nandita Singh ($20.00)
Way to go Ayaan. You are such a brave boy to take this step. God bless you always !
Malvika Sharma Ajwani ($100.00)
Ayaan, you are an inspiration πŸ‘πŸ‘
Anonymous ($50.00)
Well done Ayaan.Hope Rihan learns from you to be a brave and kind boy too.
Chandwani Namrata ($30.00)
Harpreet Jain ($20.00)
Joyita Poddar ($30.00)
Proud of Ayan
Sharmila Chauhan ($50.00)
Congrats Ayaan, you are a bold kid with a kind heart, God bless you😘
Neeta Kapoor ($50.00)
Ekata Kashyap ($30.00)
Wonderful gesture Ayaan. Wish you great success in everything you aspire.
Anonymous ($10.00)
Dinesh Tewari ($50.00)
Way to go Ayaan!!
Amitesh Ghosh Roy ($50.00)
We are proud of you Ayaan!
Diana Lee ($10.00)
What a great deed Ayaan!
Kalia Vikas ($100.00)
Well done Ayaan
Anonymous ($50.00)
Wonderful initiative!!!!
Sarah Hopwood ($50.00)
Very inspiring, well done Ayaan
Neha Chopra ($50.00)
Great going Ayaan! So proud of your cause and honoured to be able to support you!
Geetika Gupta ($50.00)
Keep your compassion alive Ayaan. You are a very brave boy.
Aditi Asthana ($50.00)
Such a noble cause Ayaan. Thanks for your thoughtfulness. God bless
Hasrat Rahil ($10.00)
Well done Aayan, god bless
Madhvi Bhardwaj ($20.00)
proud of you, Ayaan! good job :)
Anna Thomas ($50.00)
All the best ayaan.. you are a brave boy
Dayana Ishak ($20.00)
Way to go Ayaan! Truly brave &amp inspiring.
Amit Chawla ($50.00)
Ayaan you are an inspiration!
June Chang ($50.00)
Auntie June is looking upto Ayaan for his courage and very kind heart.
Nilima Tewari ($50.00)
Ayaan you make dadu and dadi really proud. God bless you!
Roshni Banerjee ($25.00)
Bestest wishes for you brave Ayaan, for helping in such a noble cause. God bless!!
SK Jain ($75.00)
Nani and Nanu are so proud of you Ayaan. Your kindness and generosity is needed in today's world! God bless you bachcha!
Shailja Sharma ($50.00)
Wish you all the best Ayaan.. so proud of you.
Geetanjali Wadhawan ($50.00)
Kudos to your cause, and the courage and compassion you have at such a young age. All the very best to you!
Maurice Bay ($50.00)
Go Ayaan! You're making everyone super proud of you! :)
Lynette NG ($100.00)
Very proud of you!
Anonymous ($10.00)
Great initiative. So wonderful to see someone at such a young age contributing towards such a great cause.
Anonymous ($50.00)
Good Job Ayan..
Anonymous ($50.00)
Kudos to you for supporting such an important cause and for being so brave.
Aseem Jain ($50.00)
Great going Ayaan!!! Super proud of you..
Vikas Jain ($50.00)
Latika Malik ($20.00)
Latika Aunty and Ashish uncle are super proud of you Ayaan!
Mandeep Sedha ($50.00)
Good Job Ayaan ! An inspiration for all the young kiddos out there
Basant Vigarniya ($100.00)
Cheers to brave boy Ayaan! May you continue to inspire many!
Jacylnn Tan ($100.00)
Abhinav Nambiar ($20.00)
Well done Ayaan!
Rachel Koh ($50.00)
Way to go Ayaan!
Anonymous ($50.00)
Anonymous ($108.00)
Sherlyn Ng ($20.00)
Thank you for your courage!
Anima Ghosh ($50.00)
Continue to inspire Ayaan! Masi dadi loves you!
Vaishali Mane ($50.00)
Well done Ayaan..proud of u boy.keep up the good work.
Aruna Khandelia ($50.00)
Ayaan so much inspiration at such a young age πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™.. aruna dadi is so proud of you!
Tina Bhandari ($50.00)
Ayaan so much thoughtfulness at such a young age - continue with the spirit! πŸ™πŸ™
Anshu Vaish ($50.00)
Rakhi Anand ($20.00)
Way to go πŸ‘
Ashish Kumar ($50.00)
Nagraj Rao ($30.00)
Well Done Ayaan- Proud of you
Latha Kanteti ($30.00)
Bravo Ayaan ! Keep up the good spirit.
Tarun Ummat ($30.00)
Vidhika Sehgal ($50.00)
Good work Ayaan!!
Ruchi Jain ($50.00)
Gabrielle Verma ($20.00)
Nice job Aayan...your an awesome young dude!
Anonymous ($50.00)
Geeta Bala ($20.00)
Go Ayaan Go!rnLove you!rnYour family in Canada!
Saurabh Chadha ($50.00)
Great going Ayaan!! Very thoughtful
Rooma Panchmatia ($50.00)
Ayaan your compassion at this young age is commendable! Way to go πŸ‘
Neha Chugh ($25.00)
So proud of you Ayaan!
Claire Shah ($20.00)
Way to go ayaan! Such an inspiration
Theresa Khoo ($50.00)
Great job Ayaan! Do continue to be generous and respond to others in need throughout your life. Aunty Theresa
Anaaya Ghosh ($200.00)
So proud of you Ayaan!!!
Anonymous ($75.00)
Please bless us Ayaan! Brave of you to do this at such a young age.
Sajeev Gopal ($50.00)
Sir, You have been a true inspiration! Cheers DJ and Sajeev!
Veeshal Bhalla ($100.00)
Wee Pheng Koh ($500.00)
Thanks Ayaan for taking a big step towards a good deed! I am proud of you!
Kabir Kashyap ($10.00)
All the best ayaan! From Kabir bhaiya!
Khushi Kashyap ($10.00)
Way to go Ayaan!
Parag Rao ($20.00)
Anonymous ($51.00)
Very well done!
Aveenash Tewari ($201.00)
We are so proud of you Ayaan !
Anonymous ($50.00)
Paromita Sengupta ($20.00)
Proud of you Ayaan
Kimberly Raynor-Smith ($50.00)
I think its wonderful that you are doing this Ayaan!
Manisha Gupta ($50.00)
You are simply amazing! well done for fighting your fear and getting through it bravely.
Sapna Gupta ($20.00)
Proud of you Ayaan
Navin Jain ($100.00)
Great cause. God bless
YAHSIN HSU ($50.00)
Way to go, Ayaan!