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Aylwin Wong

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"Everyone needs a reason to hope, especially children with cancer. Being bald is simply a statement that they are trying to get better!"
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Anonymous ($100.00)
From Richelle and Ryan
Colin Low ($100.00)
Sy Foo ($200.00)
Yan Peng Tan ($200.00)
善心善行 👍🏻
Anonymous ($100.00)
k w k ($50.00)
Chia Peng Tan ($1,000.00)
我们永远支持你 ❤️
Mui Kim Ang ($300.00)
well done! thank you for doing this!
Dominic Chan ($100.00)
Thanks, Aylwin for taking on this initiative, and for having such a big heart.
Sherry Tay ($50.00)
Bee Kwan Lim ($150.00)
Thank you for supporting HfH
Kah Siew Ho ($200.00)
Wen Si Wong ($500.00)
Thanks for supporting this meaningful event.
Melvin Tan ($200.00)
Thong Hung Tan ($100.00)
Supporting a good cause. 💪
Yako Lim ($100.00)
Christina Ng ($40.00)
Jia you.
Rong Hwa Chong ($300.00)
Thanks for your brave act!
siva prasad s ($50.00)
Thanks for contributing to good cause.
Chin Hong Neo ($100.00)
Vivian Wong ($500.00)
From Mom and Dad
Kek Wei Chong ($100.00)
Nice one!
Anonymous ($100.00)
Bro, steady! Thanks for doing this for the Children.