I have shaved

Benjamin Yeo

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Online pledges - $800.00, Manual pledges - $770.00

Donations in support of Benjamin Yeo

Veronica Yeo ($100.00)
Benjamin Ho ($100.00)
Phillip Nova Pte Ltd ($770.00)
David Chiam ($100.00)
Chiam Siang Chua ($70.00)
CQG ($50.00)
From Yoko, John and the rest of the CQG APAC Team. We wish you a successful event.
Anonymous ($50.00)
well done!
Lucky Yang ($100.00)
Brother! Hero shave head, sister must support! Shaved liao we go out for lunch, I must rub your head abit to huat! Way to go!
Thi Bao Yen Dinh ($20.00)
Choon Wei Koh ($10.00)
May Wong ($50.00)
Yi Yi Lee ($100.00)
Great job for a great cause!
Anonymous ($50.00)
Kudos! All For a good cause