Bernard Hon

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"Decide to do it after thinking about it for 3 yrs and following friends encouragement"
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Online pledges - $1,800.00, Manual pledges - $500.00

Donations in support of Bernard Hon

Mun Kong Yip ($100.00)
Well done Bern
Wenhui Guo ($50.00)
Sending some love to those in need and kudos to Bernard for taking the first step in showing his support
Chong Boon Lim ($100.00)
A noble cause. Good luck.
Anonymous ($100.00)
A Very Good Cause . You will look just as good .
Anonymous ($100.00)
I applaud your desire to help the children!
See Kiat Ang ($300.00)
After considering about it for 3 years, I want to congratulate for taking such a big step and I wish you all the best. Your action will be remembered.
Lesley Wong ($100.00)
Kudos Bernard!!
Alan Tan ($150.00)
Wishes all the best and may all sentient being have food to eat.
Anonymous ($100.00)
DENNISLIM Lim ($100.00)
You got guts
Jasmine Tan ($100.00)
Susan Hwee Kim Lee ($500.00)
Kudos for a good deed!