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"To help to raise awareness of childhood cancer among my friends, and garner support to raise funds to help children with cancer and their families."
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Online pledges - $11,626.00, Manual pledges - $100.00

Donations in support of Boon Leong Chew

Marcus Chow ($50.00)
Song Kian Tan ($100.00)
Well done
Kim Hoe Tee ($100.00)
Boon Huat Chew ($50.00)
J Lim ($50.00)
👏 jia you!
PS T ($100.00)
CHOR YAM CHIA ($100.00)
Hung Yong Ng ($50.00)
Brother Boon Leong...Well done for the good deed!
Lily Kih ($50.00)
Jia You!
Anthony Low ($200.00)
Siew Choo Teh ($50.00)
Jia You Boon Leong 👍👍👏👏👏
Peter Yeong ($100.00)
Well done yet again!
Kim Lian Tan ($100.00)
Your participation reminds us to live with kindness. Thank you and 加油 !
Kwong Mian Sim ($100.00)
Tee Turn Lim ($100.00)
Thank you for planting the seed
PJ Ho ($50.00)
Anonymous ($200.00)
keep doing good deeds...
Chua Tee Lee ($50.00)
Bob Neo ($50.00)
Jia You!
George Tei ($50.00)
Mayank Nauni ($30.00)
All the best BoonLeong, you are an inspiration for all of your team members!
Ang April ($100.00)
You did it again BL! Keep it up!
Li Hon, Kendra Tan ($100.00)
Daughter of Yew Seng. Jiayou uncle
Poh Suan Ong ($100.00)
Keep it Up!
Bee Hwa Lim ($100.00)
YEW SENG TAN ($500.00)
Bak Yam Tan ($100.00)
加油 !
Eng Chong Ong ($100.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)
Kairav Mody ($50.00)
Keep up the good work - You rock !!
Anonymous ($50.00)
Sharing is caring.. i am proud of U
Anonymous ($100.00)
Boon Siong, Chris Yap ($50.00)
KW Low ($100.00)
Chin Pin Ng ($50.00)
Anonymous ($200.00)
KM Yong ($200.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)
Best wishes! -mf
Tong Huat Quek ($50.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)
live life to the fullest...
Keong Pang ($100.00)
Keep it up, Chew!
Lingxie Shen ($20.00)
TH Chee ($50.00)
Tow Hiang Tan ($100.00)
Derek Tan ($50.00)
Chin Ping Yap ($88.00)
Hope to reach your target!
Swee Lai Goh ($100.00)
Keep up the good work, Mr Chew👍👍
Anonymous ($150.00)
Well done!!
Anonymous ($100.00)
Way to go
Thiam Seng Koh ($100.00)
Brother Boon Leong...I salute you.
Stella Yap ($1,000.00)
I am happy to support you. Jia you!
Ah Chui Koh ($200.00)
Glad to support you. Keep it up!
Patrick Ching ($50.00)
Bravo Boon Leong for your compassion and love for the cancer stricken children . Your participation in this event is most admirable. Atma Namaste!
Greg Mediana ($50.00)
Kee Soon Loh ($10.00)
Keep it up Bono Leong !!!
Anonymous ($1,000.00)
Wai Tat Cheong ($50.00)
Keep it Up!
Winston Fang ($88.00)
We're proud of you our good young Gong Gong! We love you! (: From: Your 2 granddaughters
Ravichandran P ($20.00)
Pray a better life for the children
Anonymous ($100.00)
Sandra Lai ($100.00)
Roy Yeo ($100.00)
peter Soh ($50.00)
Emily Chew ($50.00)
Lin Yeow Yuen ($50.00)
Keep it up with the good work!
Anonymous ($500.00)
Emily Song ($500.00)
You will always have my support. Jiayou!
Boon Leong Chew ($500.00)
Thank you everyone for your kind support!
Anonymous ($50.00)
Boon Huat Tey ($50.00)
Xuan Zheng Chew ($150.00)
I’m very proud of you daddy! Thanks for being a role model to your 3 children :)
Xin Ying Chew ($150.00)
I'm proud of you too, daddy! We'll be there with your 2 princesses to support you!
Ah Lay Yap ($100.00)
You have my support too, son!
Anonymous ($50.00)
Keep up the good cause :)!
Navin Jacob Abraham ($50.00)
Good wishes from this side. Keep up the good work..
Ivin Ho ($100.00)
I am so proud of you, Brother😄
Anonymous ($100.00)
Jackie Ng ($50.00)
Good job. 加油 !
Anonymous ($50.00)
kay Wu ($100.00)
Geok Boey Yeo ($100.00)
I will support a good cause. Jiayou!
Anonymous ($1,000.00)
Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!
Ah Min Ho ($20.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)
Peck Lian Khaw ($100.00)
Well done, BL. Keep up the good work.
Serene Yeo ($100.00)
Great Work!
Anonymous ($50.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)
Thank You Boon Leong!