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"Every year I would chicken out of being a shavee. This year I decided not to be a chicken πŸ”πŸ“

11 Jun update: Dear family and friends, my hair is gone but your love and support are still with me. πŸ’–β€
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Donations in support of Caroline Pang

Faith Teh ($188.00)
In support of your courage and determination to do your best for others when you can.
Audrey Teh ($212.00)
Catherine Tan ($100.00)
Wendy Ong ($100.00)
Supporting you as you support the children, my dear courageous friend!
Hazrl Loh ($100.00)
Wonderful Caroline!
Wei Wei Ang ($200.00)
In support of your transformation from a chicken to a turkey!!!!!
Wang Lee Sin ($50.00)
Catherine Seah ($20.00)
The sweetest gesture ! God bless you Caro!
Cecilia Ow ($70.00)
That's a brave move and you will not regret it! Well done!
Ie Ling Ge ($50.00)
Janice Chia ($108.00)
courageous caroline! i am rooting for you!
Kong Meng Lim ($100.00)
Paul Myburgh ($500.00)
Go Caroline! Balto and Mondo say bravo!
Carrie Chan ($50.00)
Doing right babe ! πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
Monica Ng ($100.00)
It definitely takes much courage to make this decision. Though a small action but much hopes and strength to those children battling with cancer!
Stephanie Tan ($50.00)
Mel Ng ($68.00)
😎So cool, a meaningful cause! Angel to the kidsπŸ˜‡
L E Foo ($60.00)
Well done Caroline!
Anonymous ($500.00)
Keep up the good work
Nellie Seah ($88.00)
You have the kindest heart and a personableness beyond compare.
Kim Hong Seah ($50.00)
You are a gem to all who know you.
Anonymous ($50.00)
Nongluck Pussayapibul ($200.00)
May God bless you to continue to be bold and courageous in doing good for others. Be blessed abundantly
Serene Chan ($50.00)
Well done Carol!
Jaime Koh ($50.00)
Way to go Caroline!
Anonymous ($50.00)
Thumbs Up for Caroline and Milo.
Anonymous ($50.00)
C - good on you!
Anonymous ($50.00)
You got this! πŸ’ͺ
Wei Chuen Chan ($100.00)
Well done, Caroline!
Rene Steffensen ($10.00)
Anonymous ($30.00)
Yunnn Luen Tee ($20.00)
Well done Caroline!
Jones Seah ($52.00)
Dear Carol, I support you and gladly give you this donation. Uncle Jones.
Katherine Lee ($50.00)
Angeline Lau ($100.00)
Caroline, bravo for stepping forward for a good cause πŸ‘πŸ»
Terry Tong ($100.00)
A brave act for a good cause Caroline!! You have my respect and support! Woohoo! No more dandruff!!
Janet Teo ($100.00)
So proud of you. Doing this for a good cause!
Anonymous ($1,000.00)
GOD Loves
Arthur Phan ($100.00)
Thumbs up for Caroline !
Mavis Lee ($100.00)
Proud of you!
Anonymous ($20.00)
Really admire your courage.
Ee Ling Ng ($100.00)
Esther Li ($20.00)
Go for it Caroline!!
Esabelle Yam ($50.00)
Awesome! Thanks for being so courageous.
Anonymous ($50.00)
Kudos! So much weight off the head. Hope you feel good about it. πŸ’ͺ
Bernadette Bartlam ($50.00)
Very brave - thank you for doing this!
Boon See Teo ($50.00)
You go girl πŸ‘ŠπŸ»
Yihui Andrea Liew ($300.00)
YAY Caroline!
Susan Chang ($50.00)
Well done Caroline!
Terry MacManus ($75.00)
Doreen Tan ($177.00)
Dear Carol Cheh, you are so courageous!! Seven is God's perfect number, and I pray for double of God's blessings to you for doing this!!
Cassandra Seow ($50.00)
Thank you for this courageous act to offer support to the children suffering from cancer. You look just as great without the hair! Way to go!
Shenna Chong ($20.00)
Kathleen Koh ($100.00)
Dear Carol, admire your courage to go bald. Showing you my support. From Godma Kathleen Seah
Lionel Kim Hock LEE ($100.00)
Well done Caroline
Seow Theng Ong ($50.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)
πŸ’œ I admire your courage!! You have a Huge Heart!!
Cass Chan ($100.00)
Woohoooo!!! Nice Caroline!! From Alvin and Cass
Emily Koh ($50.00)
Nice hair cut.