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Chee Hong Gabriel Loh

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"I think all cancer patients, their families and even cancer survivors have and are going through really hard times as they strive to cope with their situations on top of the normal things everyone else have to deal with which is already a lot. I want to show my support to these people and also help raise awareness for them :))"
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Swee Vien Tee ($1,000.00)
AL SIDHOM ($500.00)
God bless you Gabriel as you inspire others with your true courage and victory in this journey. we are so proud of you, Blessings!
Sandra Loh ($50.00)
Samuel Loh ($20.00)
good job gabriel! im proud of u bro, continue to inspire ur friends and others around you with your survival story and all the best for your A levels!
Boon Keat Tan ($200.00)
Jia You!
Joseph Tan ($50.00)
Choong Seng Loh ($500.00)
We are proud of you! Your journey has not been easy and you have shown courage and perseverance. May the Lord bless you and keep you.
Steffi Woon ($55.00)