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"Continue support this meaningful event"
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Online pledges - $3,040.00, Manual pledges - $0.00

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Chai Ping Tan ($500.00)
Good Job!!! Keep it up
Alex Chan ($100.00)
Great job! Keep it up
Yi Lin Tan ($100.00)
Well Done
LiangYong Tan ($100.00)
Thank you for supporting HFH for past few years! Good Job!
Huey Pueh Ang ($500.00)
Well done
Heng Chi Tay ($300.00)
Well done!
Huey Yann Ang ($200.00)
Good Job! 👍🏻
Dominic Irudayasamy ($150.00)
Chin Chong Ang ($70.00)
Support from Chow Yau Yong ($15), Xiao Ying, Cheng Piak Siang, Siew Ying ($10), Zhao Jie, Shi Xin, Li Kuan, Qiang Qiang, Sheng Ji ($5)
Chin Chong Ang ($200.00)
Support HFH
Sze Rui Wong ($200.00)
MIOW CHIN TAN ($100.00)
No Hair No problem
Soo Cheng Chua ($50.00)
Good job and thanks for continuous support for HFH
KOK MING LOI ($100.00)
Vijendran Kaliyaperumal ($20.00)
Great Cause, Proud of You Boss
Jinping lai ($50.00)
Not buddy with you in 2018, but support you in behind !
Hwee Ching Lee ($50.00)
Hai Sheng xu ($50.00)
Great job!
NANNAN JIE ($50.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)
Good Jobs!!!
Anonymous ($50.00)
Support from Lum Soon Fai :)
Tek Sing Lim ($50.00)
Well done