Cionnaith Lim

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"I am shaving my head together with my MaMa and brothers to support kids with cancer, their families and caregivers. We want them to know that they are not alone in this journey and there are a lot of people who are here to show love and support to them!"
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Online pledges - $2,921.34, Manual pledges - $357.00

Shaving Time Slot:
28 July 2019, 3pm - 4pm

Donations in support of Cionnaith Lim

Lay Peng Teo ($100.00)
Juliana Yong ($100.00)
Super proud of u my baby boy for this act of Bravery + Kindness! U r growing up to be a loving caring boy with lots empathy+ humility for others💞
Angela Choi ($100.00)
Proud of you, Cionnaith!
Anne-Marie Chan ($100.00)
My dear Cionnaith, Aunty AM is so super proud of you!!
Winston Lim ($50.00)
Cionnaith, way to go. Jedi school requires no hair as well...
Jessica Kaur ($100.00)
Donovan says well done to his Friend !!
Susan Kiim ($50.00)
Sheila Lim ($200.00)
Granny and Ah Kong think u are great to do this💕 and hugs
Kevin Lim ($333.34)
God is fair....we have hair make good use of it!
Sheila Lim ($250.00)
Good job Cionn from Aunty Gayle, Debbie, Kay, Linda, Hong Ling, Ivy . Granny friends
Mascha Peeters ($50.00)
Great cause Cionnath!
Cherie Tseng ($100.00)
Go Cion! &hearts️
Khoon Siong Lim ($50.00)
Way to go! From your cousins Josh Ollie and Felix!
Tze Hui Daniel Tan ($200.00)
Go Cion! Godma and Godpa and really proud of you for doing this!
Paul Yong ($100.00)
From Grandma and Grandpa.
Kevyn Yong ($100.00)
Proud of you Cion!
Sheila Lim ($120.00)
Lots of love Cionn, from Aunties in Dublin, Ethna , Una, Maureen. Good job 👍🏻 ❤️
Julene Tan ($100.00)
What a brave boy you are, with a huge heart, Cionnaith! May God bless you abundantly.
Sze Min Lee ($50.00)
Friend of Sheila Lim.
Carmel Tan ($50.00)
Sheila Lim ($35.00)
Good job Cionnaith, love Fiona and Tadhg
Keeva Lim ($100.00)
Good job Cion! We love you! Love from the Lim-Aswira family! 💕
Christopher Bogaars ($50.00)
Friend of Sheila Lim
Agnes Yong ($25.00)
Very proud of you! Cionnaith
Noreen Chan ($50.00)
Friend of Sheila Lim
Julia Chan ($50.00)
Well done Cion! Lots of love from the Lees x
Dervla Lim ($40.00)
Good luck Cionnaith for shaving your hair! We're supporting you all the way from Belgium! Love Auntie Dervla and Uncle Jan xx
Anonymous ($100.00)
your ever-present kindness and your loving heart are truly a blessing to those around you
Katherine Allport ($50.00)
Well done Cion - a fantastic thing to do for a wonderful cause. Big hugs from Ben 🤗
Alex & Andre Tay ($28.00)
Good on u Cillian, Conor n Cionnaith!! Great job! Men for others!
Sheila Lim ($40.00)
Well done Cionn , love auntie Dee x
Geraldine Lee ($50.00)
Way to go Cionnaith!