Eleanor Chen

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"Because I believe I can
1) raise more money than if I just did beautiful lengths and
2) let specifically women and girls with cancer know that bald IS beautiful "
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Online pledges - $16,890.00, Manual pledges - $1,380.00

Donations in support of Eleanor Chen

Anonymous ($1,000.00)
Well done, a good cause.
Channie Chan ($500.00)
Jia You and power on
Yew Lin Goh ($2,000.00)
Anonymous ($500.00)
Good for you, Godma
Karina Merican ($500.00)
So proud of you for doing this !
Erik Kiaer ($100.00)
Good for you, MeiMei - from Lorraine, Julia and Erik.
Christopher Chen ($1,000.00)
Proud of your courage to shed one\'s vanity and truly embrace this cause. It is not easy for a teenaged girl and yet your empathy is so touching. Mama
Anonymous ($100.00)
Tsung and Khir ($500.00)
Well done!
Olivier Lenoir ($50.00)
Well done Ara! I am so proud of you! Ur the best! Love u - Meg and the rest of the Lenoir Family
Anonymous ($100.00)
Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving. Thank you.
V Vanek ($100.00)
Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving. Thank you.
Anonymous ($250.00)
Well done
Benjamin Goh ($200.00)
ora et labora
Beatrice Chen ($100.00)
Thank you for participating in such a meaningful cause.
Vivek Verma ($500.00)
Ara, I'm so proud of you for the sacrifice you are making! Mamaji
Jessica Chen ($100.00)
Great courage to slave for a good course 💪
Ramesh Kumar ($150.00)
Christopher Chen ($500.00)
From Big Mamaji. \"Dear Meimei I\'m so very proud of you for doing this, and continuing the tradition amongst the three of you. \" Vidur Verma
Christopher Chen ($500.00)
From Uncle Suchad. Well done Meimei so proud of you for your selfless sacrifice!
Anonymous ($100.00)
Christopher Chen ($100.00)
On behalf of Glamourous Godma Shantini. Well done Meimei. So proud of you.
Roopa Dewan ($100.00)
Congratulations Mei mei!
Anonymous ($300.00)
Well done Mei Mei! Your selfless act is an inspiration!
Vani Sathisan ($50.00)
You are an inspiration to many - brava! xo
Siew Chua ($500.00)
We applaud your compassion and courage, Araliya...Well done! Love from, Uncle KM, Auntie Siew, Ping2, Tsun2 XXXX
Soon Peng LEE ($500.00)
Admire your compassion and thank you for your effort to help others.
Margaret Chew ($100.00)
Very admirable and meaningful - good on you, Mei Mei! From Christine and Margaret
Anonymous ($50.00)
Anonymous ($100.00)
Well done young lady
Abbasbhoy Haider Nakhoda ($250.00)
What a noble gesture from a selfless young lady - we are really touched and full of admiration for you.rnAnne and Abbas
Sathiaseelan Jagateesan ($500.00)
Inspiring a worthy cause. All the best!
Chia Lin Chan ($1,000.00)
Anonymous ($200.00)
Dear Eleanor, you care deeply about making a difference to others I hope you find joy in working towards your cause.
Gary Chua ($200.00)
Bravo and best wishes for your kind and brave initiative!
Anonymous ($100.00)
Soon Hock Chua ($500.00)
The Lord bless you. Admirable to have a heart for the sick &amp poor.
Francis Xavier ($100.00)
All the best. A very good cause and good work Eleanor!
Beverly Branson ($70.00)
Well done Ara!
Christopher Chen ($500.00)
Your grandma and yeh yeh are very proud of their brave hearted granddaughter
Eris Moncur ($100.00)
Ashish Kamani ($70.00)
Yu Hwang ($50.00)
Anonymous ($100.00)
Elsa Ramos lopez ($100.00)
Great cause Ara!!
Anonymous ($100.00)
Emma Gordon ($100.00)
Christopher Chen ($150.00)
From Gladys Lau and from Helen and Ka Liang. Well done. So proud of you!
Grace Chen ($300.00)
Well done Mei Mei! We're so proud of you.
Jutta Gresham ($100.00)
What a fabulously brave thing to do... and you look good with it! Love from Jutta, Paul, Kristina and Mark
Keng Kim Chua ($500.00)
Well done, a great and noble cause.
Yew Hock Tan ($150.00)
Well done, a great and noble cause.
Elaine Teo ($1,000.00)
Well done!!