Elisha Wong

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"I am shaving in support of cancer patients. I want to show people with cancer that they are not alone in their fight against cancer. I am also shaving in memory of my late grandmother."
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Amount Raised:

Online pledges - $5,420.00, Manual pledges - $0.00

Shaving Time Slot:
27 July 2019, 12pm - 1pm

Donations in support of Elisha Wong

Esther Tan ($50.00)
Go for it! Way to go!
Geraldine Ang ($50.00)
Am so proud of you Elisha !
Frank Lee ($50.00)
Hats off to you, Elisha
Mun Loke Wong ($500.00)
Well done Elisha! Proud of your courageous decision to do your part for the Children&rsquos Cancer Foundation.
Hee Hon Tan ($50.00)
Well done...for your courage...
Jenny Ong ($50.00)
Thank you for raising awareness for cancer patients
Gerald Tay ($50.00)
Go Elisha! 2 Kings 2:23
Sharon Ang ($50.00)
Well done Elisha! Proud of you to be part of this to raise awareness!
Clara Mok ($100.00)
Very admirable, Elisha.
Kemmy Koh ($50.00)
Great work Elisha!
Leing Lee ($50.00)
👍🏻 Awesome!
Carol Khoh ($50.00)
You are a courageous boy. Well done!
Kelvin Koh ($100.00)
Debbie Newport ($35.00)
Good luck Elisha!
Cynthia Lau ($50.00)
Great job, Elisha! I am so proud of you!
Suzanne Khor ($50.00)
Valerie Lee ($55.00)
Elisha, Well done ! Sacrifice for a meaningful cause.
Pui Keng Eng ($50.00)
Irene Lai ($50.00)
Mavis Tan ($50.00)
Bold and meaningful sacrifice Elisha! God bless you!
Ariel Ho ($50.00)
Elisha, so proud of your loving heart and courageous action!!
Lee Yee Lim ($50.00)
All the best!
Sunil Mishra ($100.00)
You are awesome, Elisha! So very generous of you! -Uncle Sunil &amp Aunty Ratna
Julie Ang ($50.00)
Keep up the good work Elisha. We are all proud of you.
David Lum ($800.00)
Shaving your hair for charity is a bold step! The Lord will richly bless you
Cynthia Ong ($50.00)
Elisha You are so brave!
Anita Soosay ($100.00)
All the best, Elisha! So very proud of you! rnBest Wishes from, rnAunty Anita, Uncle Jimmy,rnZachary, Elijah &amp Naomi
Gerald Tay ($100.00)
Go Elisha- From Grand-Uncle David
Anonymous ($500.00)
Well done Elisha! Grandpa is proud of you!
Anonymous ($100.00)
PREMA V ($50.00)
Way to go, Elisha!
Kerk Ling ($50.00)
Way to go Elisha!!!
Joanna Tan ($50.00)
Well done Elisha! Aunty Jo
Wendy Tan ($50.00)
Grand aunt Wendy is very proud of you Elisha!!!
Betty Mok ($100.00)
Cheering you on Elisha!
Lawrence Lee ($100.00)
Zia U :)
Anonymous ($10.00)
You're a brave kid with a big heart!
Jennifer Soohu ($100.00)
Dear Elisha. Thank you for your selfless act of love and courage. May God bless you abundantly.
Anonymous ($150.00)
Wonderful of you, Elisha!
Sheue Ling Chuang ($500.00)
Janice Goo ($100.00)
Anonymous ($100.00)
Shyamala Thilagaratnam ($50.00)
Well done, Elisha!
Bee Hoon Ng ($100.00)
Great job.
Mun Keet Wong ($50.00)
Elisha, well done!
Mei Na Tan ($50.00)
Elisha, you&rsquore so cool!!
Suzie Woo Woo ($50.00)
Wish more boys will join you
Anonymous ($100.00)
Love, Aunty Christine
Callum Kwek ($20.00)
Hi Elisha, I think what you are doing is really fantastic and I support you totally!!
Siok Hoon Chia ($100.00)
Well done Elisha. Your good deed is pleasing to God
Anonymous ($100.00)
Love Mrs Low