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"To raise funds for children whose family are unable to afford treatment. Every bit goes a long way, thanks for helping this wonderful cause x"
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Online pledges - $9,337.00, Manual pledges - $136.00

Donations in support of Emma Yoon

Poi Fong Iris Leong ($200.00)
I am proud of you, Emma ! Good job done for a goodrncause.
Anonymous ($100.00)
Go for it!
Anonymous ($100.00)
Well done Emma! So proud of you !
Anonymous ($100.00)
Way to go! A worthy shave for a worthy cause by a beautiful young lady.
Chee Peng Lim ($50.00)
Judy Soon ($50.00)
Happy birthday Emma.. what a gift. So proud of you.
Anonymous ($50.00)
A wonderful way to celebrate your birthday, Emma! You are making a difference here. ❀️
Anonymous ($100.00)
Brave girl! It will go a long way! Thanks.
Pasang Lama ($20.00)
Well Done Emma..for your noble campaign. God bless
Wai Leong Yeong ($100.00)
Where there is hope, there is life. Go for it Emma. God bless.
Daniel Brown ($10.00)
Elliot&rsquos Toys Reviews ($2.00)
I just want to see my sister bald, love you πŸ’©
KOK ING POH ($20.00)
Wee Min Chng ($50.00)
Lilian Tham ($1,000.00)
Well done for a great cause!
Anonymous ($200.00)
You're so brave Emma! This is a very meaningful thing to do for the children:)
TK SIOW ($20.00)
Helping others is the source of happiness. Emma is a brave girl!
Candice Mok ($15.00)
Praise the Lord for your brave and charitable heart of yours!
Ai Hua Aik ($200.00)
A selfless deed for a good cause. So Proud of you Emma!
Su Kia Tan ($50.00)
Joyce & Yan Yi ($100.00)
That is a really nice thought put into action. You are so sweet Emma.
Anonymous ($100.00)
Amy Sng ($100.00)
Admired your courage, good work!πŸ‘
Amy Lucas ($50.00)
Well done Em, you are a brilliant student and I am proud to say that you're in my grade :-)rnrnMs Lucas
Eunice Tang ($200.00)
Magdalene Tan ($200.00)
Good work and well done for a good cause. πŸ‘πŸ˜€
Choon Hoon Quek ($200.00)
Brave girl Emma .
Kieran Ong ($20.00)
Go for it Emma!
Anonymous ($100.00)
Anonymous ($100.00)
Well done for sacrificing for a worthy cause!
Anonymous ($100.00)
Gek Hung Lee ($20.00)
Dear Emma, keep up the good work! Continue to stand for what you believe in! JiayouπŸ‘
Anonymous ($200.00)
Well done, Emma.
Fiona Zhang ($50.00)
Emma I love you -Shrek
Anonymous ($50.00)
Fenni Oh ($100.00)
What a brave girl you are Emma!
Apollo SG ($100.00)
Andrew Ng ($200.00)
Hui Ming Tan ($100.00)
Well done Emma! Proud of you. Keep up your charitable spirit! πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘
M PP ($50.00)
Alice A ($10.00)
Mei Kim Heng ($200.00)
Way to go!
Greg Thorpe ($5.00)
Shi Lin ($50.00)
A purposeful and brave act! πŸ’ͺ🏾
Kevin Ng ($100.00)
Allan Wang ($100.00)
Beautiful girl with an even more beautiful heart. A good cause deserves all our support.
Sze Sze Yap ($200.00)
Go for it Emma! Love what you are doing for others! ❀️πŸ’ͺ🏼
Grace Chong ($500.00)
Go for it Emma! So proud of you!!! πŸ‘πŸ»
Anonymous ($50.00)
Thank you for doing this πŸ‘
Natalie Wan ($50.00)
EmmarnGlad to support you in the worthy cause!❀️
Lili Du ($100.00)
You go girl!
Anonymous ($50.00)
Great job emma
Anonymous ($250.00)
Anonymous ($500.00)
Melvyn Chen ($100.00)
Great job Emma!
Anonymous ($50.00)
PG Phua ($200.00)
Brave girl!
Tuan Heng Tan ($50.00)
Please remember to apply sunblock, where applicable! From David and LiChoo
Nellie Fung ($200.00)
So proud of you, dear Emma.rnBlessings and LovernFrom the FUNGS
Kartini Clement ($150.00)
So proud and good job, Emma! -Anty KCrnGood job Pi Cha Po ❀️ - Mel
Anonymous ($100.00)
Anonymous ($800.00)
I am inspired and cheering you on!
Anonymous ($10.00)
Emma, u are a lady of courage and compassion. So proud of u.
Yiru Lin ($50.00)
brave and kind soul
Jayden n Jayme Ling ($200.00)
Good job, Emma jeh jeh! We are proud of you πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’ͺ🏻- Jayme. You inspire me. I want to shave my hair next year too! - Jayden πŸ‘ΌπŸΎ
Anonymous ($30.00)
Way to go and Godspeed from your family in KL!
Anonymous ($100.00)
Nicole Teo ($200.00)
A brave act. For a good cause. You are super awesome! God bless you always!
Anonymous ($50.00)
Emma, you go girl!!
Anonymous ($55.00)
Looks beautiful!
Theresa Heng ($200.00)
Emma, well done! So proud of you.
Cheryl Leung ($50.00)