Eugene Koh

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"Feel really blessed with what I have. This is a great cause and fantastic way to 'give back'. Look forward to the support!"
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Online pledges - $2,900.00, Manual pledges - $0.00

Donations in support of Eugene Koh

laurie koh ($100.00)
all for a good cause, proud of you Eugene
Angelina Tan ($50.00)
Thanks for making a bold statement Eugene!
Chloe Ciang ($100.00)
For the cancer survivor, be strong!rnFor my strong boss, thank you for the courage!
Brian Frissyn ($100.00)
You're a brave man, Eugene!
Ranjan Indiran ($100.00)
Great (and brave) step Eugene!
Germaine Lim ($100.00)
Geoff de Beaucorps ($100.00)
Congrats Eugene, great cause
KIM Long ($100.00)
Ruth Coveney ($100.00)
Great and worthy cause
Jeremy Tatham ($100.00)
Brave man. Great cause mate - JT
Paul Kaczmar ($100.00)
Kin Chan Wong ($100.00)
Well done Eugene!
Anthony Thompson ($100.00)
Good man!!!!
Matt Clark ($100.00)
Great cause, well done!
Sylvia Wong ($200.00)
Well done Eugene! U lead by example!!
Kelvin Stagg ($100.00)
Love it! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks...
Michael Velten ($250.00)
George Pragassen ($100.00)
What a great cause EK...can't wait to see the end result
Sharon Chong ($50.00)
Let's work together with this great cause!
Eamon Collins ($100.00)
Well done Eugene!
Paul Divina ($100.00)
You are a warrior Eugene!
Sophia Wong ($100.00)
A great example for us all!
James Gary ($250.00)
Proud of you buddy - G
LIXING XIA ($100.00)
You shall return!
Greg Tadman ($200.00)
Well done EK!