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Fang Yu Su

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"To support my friends who are going through cancer treatments, all the children cancer warriors and their families fighting cancers!

"Fight on! You are loved & dearly cherished!
I am with you!" Jia You!"
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Online pledges - $2,650.00, Manual pledges - $0.00

Donations in support of Fang Yu Su

Hwee Pey Yeo ($100.00)
Hi Fang Yu, long time no see and a little gesture in support of your efforts!
Han Wei Lim ($100.00)
Well done for putting yourself up and shaving your hair for the cancer patients, Jia you!
Anonymous ($100.00)
Meijing Lin ($50.00)
Pang Sze Kiang ($100.00)
Tze Ming Sia ($100.00)
May you continue to be a blessing to those around you!
Anonymous ($50.00)
God bless you and take care.
Lian Guang Mervyn Hoe ($500.00)
Marianne, you are so brave! God will bless you and your family abundantly!
LK Pang ($100.00)
Rathi RG ($100.00)
Fighting cancer is a long and tough journey, but a doable one. Ayush and I would like to contribute towards your effort Marianne.
Janine Lim ($100.00)
God bless your good soul! 🙆🏻&zwj♀️🙆🏻&zwj♀️🙆🏻&zwj♀️
Chun Chi Su ($100.00)
Well done Sister. May God bless you to be a blessing to many!
TH Loh ($50.00)
Marianne..Jia yu
Brett Chew ($150.00)
Jennie Kong ($100.00)
Yanting Soon ($100.00)
Lay-Leng Gan ($100.00)
Jia you!!
Lim Hwee Ping ($100.00)
To all cancer patients and care-givers, you are not alone. Fight on!
Lindee Heng ($50.00)
Chee Chiong Kong ($200.00)
So proud of you. Hope you will continue to be a great blessing to others
Belle Ng ($100.00)
May the Lord use you to bless and encourage many!
Yeong Yong Guan ($200.00)
Thank you for your love and support!