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Gabriel Gan

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"Hope to raise funds so as to reduce financial burden on the family of less-than-fortunate kids"
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Online pledges - $2,060.00, Manual pledges - $0.00

Donations in support of Gabriel Gan

Soo Soo Toy ($100.00)
Weng Kay Lui ($100.00)
Maisim Lim ($50.00)
Joanne Tay ($50.00)
Jayna Gan ($10.00)
Richard Yeh ($100.00)
KWAN THAI WAI ($100.00)
Lim Hai Teck ($1,000.00)
Branson Goh ($100.00)
Kim Eng Ong ($50.00)
KOK CHYE ONG ($100.00)
Vincent Loy ($100.00)
Lian Thor Lim ($100.00)
Lim Lian Thor
Yeok Koon Quak ($100.00)