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"By shaving my head, I hope to raise more awareness for this meaningful event and stand together with those who suffer from cancer. I hope to feel more gratitude for my life and remember that bald is indeed beautiful. "
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Online pledges - $11,631.20, Manual pledges - $848.00

Donations in support of Gabrielle Ng

Ashwin Chellaram ($100.00)
Elizabeth Koe-Oo ($500.00)
Way to go Gabrielle! #superproudofyou
Paul Ng ($200.00)
Good on you Gabrielle. Those children need our help.
Anonymous ($1,000.00)
Way to go Gabby! So proud of you! Love Godpa!
Anonymous ($100.00)
Proud of you Gabrielle.
Christine Tay ($200.00)
Great stuff!!!! Proud of you ❀️
Supra Maniam ($15.00)
Joel Tan ($100.00)
Hi I'm your mum's friend. Please don't shave your head.
Mil Sim ($50.00)
felix elliott ($15.00)
well done gabtastic! super proud :))
Pei Yin Chiang ($50.00)
Proud of you, Gaby!
Ricardo Villanueva ($50.00)
Chee King Foo ($100.00)
Michele Ng ($50.00)
Beautiful on the outside and inside - proud of you Gabrielle! Aunty Michele Ng
Shing Tung Ho ($500.00)
Soon Hee Oo ($1,000.00)
Hi Gabrielle - Gladly support this cause and your effort.
Anonymous ($50.00)
Mary Elliott ($50.00)
Great cause, well done Gabrielle
Caryl Tay ($100.00)
I am so proud of you and what you are doing in support of all these poor souls
Derek Wee ($100.00)
Anonymous ($500.00)
Charity and kindness...
Hoe Hee Oo ($100.00)
Angela Oo ($500.00)
Awesome Gabrielle!
Paul Ng ($1,000.00)
Ye Ye and Nai Nai applaud you for your active participation in this humanity cause. Very proud of you!
Ewan Minjoot ($50.00)
Leonard Ng ($1,000.00)
This is a brave and wonderful thing to do - so proud of you Gabrielle! From Uncle Leonard, Auntie Sandra, Lucas, Martin and Lila
Mandakini Arora ($25.00)
Junica Chua ($50.00)
Eugene Ng ($50.00)
Go Gabby!
Adrian Huang ($100.00)
Hwee Ping Teo ($100.00)
Bravo Gabby! Very brave and generous of you!
Karen Bart ($50.00)
Way to go Gaby! You look beautiful with or without hair coz you're such a lovely girl. Am so proud of you! xx
Darrell Leong ($50.00)
Stacy Hui Hui Choong ($500.00)
We are really proud of you for doing this. It will mean a lot to many people who will directly and indirectly benefit from your courage and support.
Andrew Tay ($100.00)
Well done Gabrielle! Proud of you and happy to support this cause!
Crystal Lau ($50.00)
You are awesome my dear!! So proud of you!! :)
Alexander Tay ($10.00)
Hi Gabrielle! What a brave thing to do! Good stuff!
Karen Sng ($100.20)
Well done Gabrielle! Such a beautiful and brave girl 😘 (David donates $0.20 from his piggy bank!)
Alyssa Minjoot ($20.00)
proud of you darling!!
Pierre Suhandinata ($100.00)
Yasmin Chia ($50.00)
you are beautiful both inside and out. so proud of you for doing such a brave and honourable thing. :-)
Chern Chieh Bay ($200.00)
Bless you for doing this, Gabby!
Christine Tay ($300.00)
Compassionate, humble, kind, resilient beautiful, strong. So proud of who you are. Sorry I am not there with you today. See you very soon. ❀️ Mama
Renato Rainone ($50.00)
Your dedication to this CCF initiative is extremely inspiring.
Stephen Heng ($100.00)
Glad you are growing up to be compassionate and charitable. You did a good job, Christine.
Dwayne Kaan ($50.00)
Looking good Gabby! Your courage is truly admirable.
Joan Gorrie ($100.00)
Congratulations Gabrielle. You look lovely
Weiren Hong ($25.00)
Uncle Soo Ren and Aunty Raelene thank you for your blessing to others
Weiren Hong ($100.00)
We are proud of you. Uncle Weiren, Auntie Lauren, Amanda, Ayden and Ashley
Jan Maurice ($50.00)
I am very proud of your commitment to this cause
Holmes Holmes ($21.00)
oh the names I can think of already. $1 higher tho
Gracie Tan ($100.00)
Good job!!
Eng Hin Lee ($200.00)
What a wonderful thing to do! Saralee and Eng Hin
Anonymous ($500.00)
Hui Hwa Koh-Minjoot ($1,000.00)
Well done! V proud of you. God bless, Ryan, Ewan, Ethan and Aunty Hwa