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Gary KH Lee

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"Support a meaning project"
Target amount:
Amount Raised:

Online pledges - $9,625.00, Manual pledges - $0.00

Shaving Time Slot:
29 July 2023, 12pm - 1pm

Donations in support of Gary KH Lee

Anonymous ($100.00)
Thank you for doing this and raising funds year after year. Kudos from Jing-Happy
Yat Wah Lim ($100.00)
Yan Soon Tan ($100.00)
CJ HENG ($100.00)
Go Gary thanks for doing this for the children!
Richard Lieu ($100.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)
Tommy Tham ($25.00)
Good work Gary. Keep it up.
Spring Han ($200.00)
Ee Chong Ng ($60.00)
Hui Peng ($100.00)
Ngee Chuah Seah ($200.00)
Anonymous ($282.00)
Mui Wah Chia ($200.00)
Mun Wah Tang ($500.00)
Great gestures, thank you!
Jay HiLe ($100.00)
Keep your Food work going Mr Gary
VC Siau ($100.00)
Joo Yeong Tan ($100.00)
BB Koh ($100.00)
HK Ng ($50.00)
Good deed bro!
Jeremy Lee ($100.00)
Surely you will abound in every good work! Keep it up!
Radiana Soh ($50.00)
Florence Chee ($100.00)
💪💪💪remember to apply sunblock on your bald head when you run
Kok Wah Lee ($500.00)
Gu Gu ($108.00)
Standby your beanie!!
Cher Hwa Teo ($50.00)
Thank you for the effort
Wai San Chan ($100.00)
May you abundance with the good act!
Ong Chee Seng ($100.00)
Hi Gary, your hair is still going strong after all these years! Jia You!!
Anonymous ($500.00)
We Thank You, Gary
Chee teck Ong ($100.00)
Hi Gary, thanks for sacrificing your hair for a good cause!
Kok Hui Lau ($100.00)
Gary, Bless the good soul. And you're one such good soul 👍👍🌹
Jia Lim ($100.00)
Charlene T ($100.00)
Great heart❤️
Sanjeet Sandhu ($200.00)
A pound of hair for a smile on many faces
Chong Nelson ($300.00)
Keep it up.
Chong Nelson ($300.00)
Keep up the good course.
ML Kok ($150.00)
Lynne Wee ($50.00)
Anonymous ($100.00)
Go Gary and Botak United!
Kent Neo ($100.00)
Chiok Hin Seah ($50.00)
Gary, please continue to do this good course.
Weng Kin Chan ($50.00)
Peter Lim ($50.00)
Muralidharan Chandra Govind ($50.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)
Well done Korkor!
Anonymous ($100.00)
Thank you for the charity work
Shirley Er ($1,000.00)
Choon Hock Tony Gui ($100.00)
Way to go, bro! Thanks for supporting the meaningful cause! 😄 👍
Christopher Foo ($100.00)
Well done Gary. Thank you for your kind heartedness. God bless you.
Gordon Gniam ($100.00)
Anonymous ($100.00)
Gary, I support. Good Heart ❤️
Albert WANG ($100.00)