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"For quicker showers, less combs and in support the wonderful brave children and families that go through (then come out of!) the scariness of cancer. "
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Donations in support of Geraldine Sim

Anonymous ($200.00)
you go gerry!
Sheralyn Aw ($50.00)
I love your hair and I am sad but I support you!
Moreen Soh ($100.00)
Well done Gerry.
Hui Lin Ek ($200.00)
Whoohoo! Go Gerry!
Peiling Tan ($200.00)
Li Ling Ek ($200.00)
OMG... Go Gerry!!!!
leisha drew ($100.00)
Vicki Chan ($200.00)
Go Gerry!
Ruth Ngo ($100.00)
Can I sign your head after?
Chelsea Tan ($200.00)
Alvin Yong ($200.00)
Anonymous ($700.00)
Well done Geraldine !
Geok Lian Soh ($100.00)
All the way with you, Geraldine!!
Dolly Goh ($100.00)
Support you Geraldine!
Lillian Soh ($100.00)
Cheering you on all the way Gerry!!
Kevelyn Long ($400.00)
Hair hair hair... 👍
Yun Wang ($188.00)
Sui Lian Soh ($50.00)
Always with you in whatever you pursue, Gerry!!
Serene Tan ($100.00)
I am impressed by your courage and will to help those in need. Keep it up! God bless
Anonymous ($200.00)
An amazing contribution to a noble cause from a noble person. Go Gerry !
Melody Lim ($200.00)
Big respect!!
Anonymous ($20.00)
Stuart Klein ($50.00)
Hiuman Chan ($30.00)
Appreciate your kind heart Gerry :)
Victor Liew ($100.00)
Go bud! Rock the junk boat in June!
John Lilley ($100.00)
Really appreciate your efforts on this noble cause
Anonymous ($200.00)
Anonymous ($2,000.00)
Well done babe! Here's supporting you for your good cause. J.
Anonymous ($100.00)
Very very proud of you Gerry! Bless you.
Hwee Chin Ng ($200.00)
Matthew Ang ($100.00)
Good job Gerry! You are very courageous - respect!
Anonymous ($60.00)
Loong Lim ($100.00)
Go Gerry! You're amazing!
Anonymous ($100.00)
Zi Yun Ng ($100.00)
Way to go, Gerry!
Hao Wong ($100.00)
You are amazing and great!
C Teo ($100.00)
Whoohoo! V awesome
Yiling Grace Ong ($100.00)
Christine Sim ($200.00)
Bless you Gerry! We're going to miss your beautiful hair!
Kristine Foo ($200.00)
Well done !
Shirley Teong ($50.00)
Inspiring and Awesome! Jia You!
Dominic Tan ($100.00)
no more dandruff!
Lay Pheng Lim ($100.00)
Amazing Gerry ..jia you
Ye Shen ($150.00)
So proud of you!
Natalie Lee ($50.00)
Go Gerry!! Will miss your beautiful hair, but am sure you&rsquoll be even more gorgeous bald 😊
Anonymous ($500.00)
Respect for you Gerry! sc
Anonymous ($2,000.00)
Joanne Bala ($100.00)
So proud of you ger!
Thulasi Bala ($50.00)
Good job god daughter!
Hayley Sharratt ($100.00)
Wow Gerry, you are amazing, such a courageous act. #inspired.
AKASH Mohapatra ($500.00)
Gerry. U rock. Always doing good. Beautiful girl. Beautiful hair and absolutely Beautiful heart! Caring and caring and caring always!!!
Benjamin Huang ($150.00)
Thank you for inspiring others
Clara Chong ($200.00)
PC Sim ($300.00)
ma and dad are so proud of you and support your much considered decision towards this worthy cause...
Ailin Soh ($300.00)
...even though we will surely miss your lovely tresses albeit for just a while, bless you gerrygirl!
Jacqueline Koh ($100.00)
Thank you for raising awareness in support of survivors &amp their families. It was a very humbling journey for me enjoy and appreciate yours.
Anonymous ($200.00)
Ganbatte kudasai !
Sarah Stabler ($75.00)
Wishing you the best for a big bald statement! Here's hoping cancer research finds a cure for children living with cancer.
Anonymous ($100.00)
Gerry, Great gesture, All the best !
Shailesh Hegde ($100.00)
my support to Gerry
Richard Masters ($50.00)
Lawrence Chin ($500.00)
Very brave. Well done.
Saurabh Vyas ($75.00)
Well done and hope many get inspired!
Huey Li Gladys Kam ($100.00)
Hey, Geraldine... v bold move!
Simin Koh ($50.00)
WOOHOOOOOO!!! Thanks for doing so meaningful for the society, all the best Geraldine! :D
Qimin Lu ($100.00)
All e best Geraldine!
Hanyu Chew ($100.00)
Go Gerry!
Anonymous ($200.00)
Li San Poh ($1,000.00)
Kudos to Gerry! Great leadership by example! Many kids will benefit from your act of bravery! 👍💪
Javier Ng ($200.00)
Great Job Gerry!
Sujatha Selvakumar ($70.00)
You are doing AmAZING!!!
Nicholas Sim ($300.00)
vivian Goh ($100.00)
well done sister.. )
brother Goh ($100.00)
well done and thank you, sister .. 加油 ❤
Ye Kung Ong ($1,000.00)
Gerry the Brave!
Kok Siang Wee ($200.00)
Well done Gerry! Blessed your heart for such noble cause!
Saurav Sen ($100.00)
Way to go !
DJ G ($300.00)
Go berry!
Anonymous ($100.00)
Jenny Zhang ($50.00)
Go Gerry!
Anonymous ($100.00)
Zinc Tang ($500.00)
Well done Gerry!
Mary Lee ($100.00)
Eva Chong ($100.00)
You are brave and beautiful!
huijing serene chen ($100.00)
Valerie Koh ($100.00)
Bobby and I are so proud of you!!
Adeline Sim ($500.00)
Good job Geraldine!
Alisa Chua ($30.00)
You go Gerry!!
Chris Keys ($100.00)
Well done Gerry!
TeckLeong Tan ($100.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)
Good cause! Way to go!
Ramiz Dvorani ($500.00)
Good cause
Heather Barr ($100.00)
So brave Gerry - well done!
Anonymous ($100.00)
You have my support Gerry! Brave move! rn- AC
Annie Yeo ($100.00)
You look beautiful with your new hairdo. Truly remarkable and so proud of you!
Anonymous ($50.00)
Salute Gerry!!
Annabel Lim ($100.00)
Go Gerry!! You are so brave and incredibly gorgeous!!
von loon ($200.00)
Proud of you Berry! Love, vonloon
Des T ($100.00)
Geralding Wong ($300.00)
So proud of you Gerry!
sunila shivpuri ($100.00)
very inspiring!
Jia Min Cheng ($50.00)
Vanessa Cheng ($50.00)
Thanks for being courageous for the kids Gerry!
Daniel Walsh ($100.00)
Excellent cause Gerry! Well done :)
Tanavpreet Longia ($200.00)
Amazing and truly inspirational
Akshay Prasad ($500.00)
Sue Kristiansen ($50.00)
Gerry in a word - amazing!! Such a worthy charity
Anonymous ($200.00)
Uncle Michael and Auntie Joyce
Sharon Tan ($50.00)
Li Choo Quek ($200.00)
Gerry, I am very impressed and touched by your courage and big heart! Well done! And you look fabulous, with or without hair!
Eudora Choo ($200.00)
You rock Gerry! Bless your heart!
Raghu Babu ($100.00)
Raily Tissera ($100.00)
Eugene Ong ($200.00)
Arianne Calantuan ($100.00)
Courageous Gerry!
Anonymous ($50.00)
Benjamen Lim ($100.00)
Respect Gerry
David Jackson ($500.00)
Agnes Harrison ($50.00)
Well done! I admire your bravery and dedication.
Anonymous ($50.00)
Anonymous ($200.00)
Hi Geraldine, I saw your initiative after seeing a post shared by Akash. You are so brave with a big heart!
Ivan Wong ($200.00)
I admire your courage in doing a good cause. Well done !
Amy Tong ($100.00)
Thanks for being an inspiration,Gerry