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Gerard Thomas

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"Children with cancer don’t have a choice to be bald, however we do"
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Donations in support of Gerard Thomas

Marcel Joseph ($100.00)
God bless !!
Jacinta Lee ($100.00)
Proud of you Gerard Thomas
M K and Rosa Wong ($50.00)
Good work.
Julian Teo ($50.00)
Well done young man. You'll Never Walk Alone -- Uncle Julian
Chen Rui ($1.00)
Volunteering is the greatest thing you can do for others
Darius Vinod ($5.00)
Louis Tan ($1.00)
Red Cross🚑🚑🚑
Yang Ruisi ($1.00)
Red cross
Anders Soong ($1.00)
Joshua Lim ($1.00)
I love hairless people👨&zwj🦲
Chen Xi Yu ($3.00)
I love etgenious⛑🥰😍
Sarthak Roy ($1.00)
I love you
Jonas Luah ($1.00)
Thank You ETG Red Cross🚑
Yuvraaj Manesh ($5.00)
I ❤️ you
John Chua ($2.00)
Good luck
Just Ding ($5.00)
Kendrick Hong ($10.40)
Very noble deed for the kids✅✅☕️💪🏿🥶🥶
Akshaj Malyala ($1.00)
I hate cancer😡
Kritchanut Piyawat ($1.00)
Don't worry, you'll look good
Logesh Swaran ($1.00)
Love you Ethan
Austin Chan ($2.00)
Cancer is insane🤯
Edmund Red Cross ($1.00)
Head of Administration 🥰🤩⛑🚑
Raito Christian ($1.00)
Are you Europe? Cause I wanna take all parts of you
Ethan Choi ($1.00)
I love you❤️
Rayn Haziq ($5.00)
Brandon Tan ($1.00)
Let me slap your head afterwards
cannie kee ($20.00)
Welll Done Ethan!
Anonymous ($50.00)
Well done, Gerard!
Edo Wong ($15.00)
Thank you for your support for the kids that have cancer.
Winston Thomas ($148.58)
Your grandpa will be blessing you..
Anonymous ($100.00)
Way to go, Awesome Ethan! 💯 -J and J
Crescentia Wang ($10.00)
It takes courage to go bald for the benefit of the children. Way to go, Gerard Thomas!
Arif Ridhwan ($5.00)
Make sure to save souls not kids😈
Ethan Tan ($1.00)
Kiefer Tan ($2.00)
Cool Hady ($1.00)
Ni hao
Liu Yang Zheng ($1.00)
Riding home, don't lose hope
Dhakshesh Vijay ($5.00)
Our blood is red
Sharvesh Submarine ($7.00)
I love EGT
Zay Nanda ($1.00)
😁Congrats ETG!
woo ann ($1.00)
lesgo red cross
Calvin Seow Kai Wen ($0.20)
Savio ($0.06)
NICOLEE 🚂🚂🚂 ($15.00)
omg ethan my new idol ilysm thank u for your dedication!! truly the ultimate red crosser ⛑️💪 hope u continue to show love to those around u 💗💗
Darren Chow ($100.00)
Well done, Gerard. Very proud of you.
Jacinta Paul ($50.00)
Caeria Thum ($100.00)
Luke 8:50
Alvin Aloysius Goh ($50.00)
Kyler Wong ($2.00)
Let's play tic-tac-toe on your head, congrats ETG!!!!
Ye Peng Seah ($150.00)
Jerry Lew ($2.00)
Get Well Soon🤞
Zay Nanda ($1.00)
Congrats ETG!!!!
Kyler Wonf ($2.00)
Let's play tic-tac-toe on your head, good job ETG!!!!!
Jerry SGSS ($2.00)
Get Well Soon
Kiefer Yeo ($0.10)
First 8id
Zhang yuan 2 ($0.06)
Benjamin Tan ($10.00)
June Tan ($50.00)
Kudos for doing this!
Just Ding The doorbell ($1.00)
Brave so brave to shave
Anonymous ($0.75)
Elijah Thomas ($6.00)
Da baby👨&zwj🦲➡️🚑
Emmanuel Thomas ($5.00)
Baldie 👨&zwj🦲
Ryan Thomas ($2.00)
Anonymous ($0.10)
Zi Cong ($0.05)
Karen Lee ($50.00)
Way to go, Ethan!
Jadon Jadon ($10.00)
It's only right for an rcy cadet to help another 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Anonymous ($10.00)
Wow brave To shave!
Anonymous ($10.00)
Brave so brave to be bald
Anonymous ($0.10)
Red cross ⛑️🏥⛑️
Kellen See ($5.00)
Cyril Gomez ($50.00)
Grace Lew ($100.00)
Thanks for helping the kids fighting cancer feel less alone
Brenda Lew ($50.00)
Support you Ethan.
Jocelyn Soo ($3.00)
I support you Ethan 🔥🔥🔥 Red cross! ⛑️🏥⛑️
Rosalind Ong ($10.00)
Emma Chong ($200.00)
Praise God for Gerard's brotherly love for the children. May God bless Gerard's good works to the glory of God.
Louis Tay ($200.00)
Noeline Wong ($50.00)
Thank you for helping the patients! God bless!
Anonymous ($200.00)
Thank you Ethan for helping kids with cancer .
Anonymous ($20.00)
You are awesome!
Suresh K ($5.00)
Proud of you Ethan! Good job!
Milton Thomas ($100.00)
You are performing a wonderful and courageous act. Proud of you Ethan!
Aldrin Thomas ($100.00)
Let's support this noble cause !