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Ghim Eng Yap

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"To help children with cancer understand that it is OK to be BALD, and that they have OUR support!"
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Online pledges - $4,727.20, Manual pledges - $0.00

Donations in support of Ghim Eng Yap

Winnie Ang ($100.00)
Anonymous ($22.20)
10 chicken wing
Gim Lye Yeap ($100.00)
Thanks again for your brave decision to lead this BALD move!
Wang Ting Toh ($50.00)
Thank you Ghim Eng for helping the kids!! :)
Tong Lee Lim ($50.00)
Thumbs up!
Tze Kheng Goh ($50.00)
Salute your effort!
Anonymous ($20.00)
Anonymous ($100.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)
Colin Ng ($50.00)
Anonymous ($200.00)
Thanks Ghim Eng for raising awareness!
Anonymous ($50.00)
Thank you for leading this movement
Anonymous ($100.00)
Woon Peng Goh ($100.00)
Way to go!
Yaomin Lu ($100.00)
thanks for helping the kids! jia you!
Felicia juay ($50.00)
Thanks for doing this for the kids!! :D
Siew Wee Alvina Goh ($50.00)
Jason See ($100.00)
Kudos on your bold and bald move for a good and meaningful cause!
Joseph Tan ($50.00)
Thanks for doing your part to help raise awareness and funds for this good cause!
Alan Tang ($100.00)
Thank you for helping the kids! Looking forward to your new look :)
Zul Yang ($50.00)
Kok Hing Ho ($100.00)
Cheering you on!
Geok Hong Ng ($1,000.00)
Hi Ghim Eng,

Supporting your courageous act. Jia You
Gim Lye Yeap ($50.00)
Thanks for the support!
Kenneth Ong ($50.00)
Daniel Yuen ($50.00)
Way to go Ghim Eng! Supporting this awesome effort, cheers!
Tai Kia Tan ($100.00)
Mingshi Koh ($250.00)
Thanks Ghim Eng for the courage and love for the children!
Anonymous ($3.00)
Donating my weekly dose of DBS $3 promotion :D
Winson Tan ($50.00)
ke wang ($30.00)
Bee Kwan Lim ($120.00)
Thank you for participating in HfH and supporting a worthy cause
Tian-Tsong Ng ($30.00)
Becca Qiu ($10.00)
As always an inspiration! :)
Melissa Yeo ($100.00)
thank you so much for helping the kids!
Arush Sinha ($10.00)
Clarence Ng ($20.00)
Thank you Ghim Eng for doing this to support the children!
Anonymous ($50.00)
Take care and fully support! - Khalid
Mindy Lim ($50.00)
Way to go Ghim Eng!!
Ghim Eng Yap ($500.00)
Grateful to all my friends for your kindness and strong support.. Please donate generously to the lovely children!
Anonymous ($30.00)
Sarah Toh ($50.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)
Supporting your BALD statement. -VK
Ismahfaris Ismail ($50.00)
Your brave decision to shave your hair for a cause is truly inspiring. Keep shining your light of hope!
Prashant Gupta ($20.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)
Make the world a better place!
Anonymous ($100.00)
Jiayou! Supporting for a good cause!
Lee Ning Ng ($30.00)
Here to give support, cheers!
Syahri Ikram ($20.00)
It's definitely OK to be BALD! :-)
Nazar Muhammad ($50.00)
Edwin Lee ($50.00)
Thanks for inspiring action and support for these children. Think they appreciate not only the monetary but such great gestures of moral supports.
Anonymous ($2.00)
Small token from me. I forgo my old Chang kee fried chicken wing today.
James Teo ($10.00)