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Hakim Muhammad

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"In support for Children’s Cancer Foundation with Bishan East C2E"
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Online pledges - $258.95, Manual pledges - $0.00

Donations in support of Hakim Muhammad

Nur Luqman Bin Abdul Rasid ($50.00)
May your burden be eased, amin🤲
Raghu Ram ($50.00)
God bless Hakim and the kids....
Khairi Rohizad ($20.00)
Thank you sir for supporting this cause' may god bless you sir' 💪🏼
Srirangan Selvadurai ($50.00)
Hello kids, remember to keep your mind strong and your body will follow through. You guys are definitely stronger than you think. Thanksteacherhakim.
Anonymous ($50.00)
May Allah simplify all things for you and family.
Muhsin Razali ($18.95)
Nice guy
Syafiq Syed ($20.00)
Stay strong to all the children and thanks Hakim for the support of this organisation