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"To give physical support to all cancer patients"
Target amount:
Amount Raised:

Online pledges - $10,388.00, Manual pledges - $1,000.00

Shaving Time Slot:
28 July 2018, 12pm - 1pm

Donations in support of Hwee Tiang Tan

Swee Kiang Heng ($200.00)
Wei Wei Loo ($50.00)
Jean Yip ($50.00)
CHAY LEE PHUA ($200.00)
Serena, You are so brave, really admire your courage. 加油💪💪💪
Ant L ($150.00)
Serena, you are such an extraordinary lady with a big heart and incredibly brave! Salute you, my friend!
Pei Chiun Koay ($300.00)
Bee Ling Tan ($50.00)
Serena, you are always the BEST!
PUI YOKE LOH ($100.00)
Serena, you are so brave !
Irene Yeo ($300.00)
A lady with a BIG heart! Thanks for making me cry by taking the challenge, I am Alive! ❤
Ina Ng ($50.00)
You are blessed to be a blessing !
Mavis Gian ($50.00)
Sock Peng Ang ($500.00)
Pheng Hui Yap ($100.00)
Kathleen Ong ($100.00)
Serena! 加油💪🏼!你是最美的!
Anonymous ($100.00)
Sean Loo ($1,000.00)
Alicia Kong ($50.00)
Hi Sis, really admire your courage!
Siew Keng Tay ($50.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)
Keep up the good work Zee Gim!
Janet Gooi ($500.00)
Janet Gooi ($300.00)
Veronica Lim ($100.00)
Charlotte Kng ($20.00)
Auntie Serena, you are such an inspiration!
Patricia Ching ($50.00)
Serena, a kind lady with a Big Heart!
Choo Leng Tan ($100.00)
You are very brave to go for it. Jiayou..
Shirley Quek ($50.00)
Doing a good cause deserves support from friends
BENG KUAN ONG ($300.00)
I donate to support your brave action.
Justina Swee ($100.00)
You are our role model
Woei Shiuan Lee ($1,000.00)
Book Eang Poh ($50.00)
C Sian Gan ($50.00)
Koon Chong Tee ($100.00)
谢谢牺牲你的头发,女生剪光头发不简单。 筹款加油!
Kai Xin Tee ($100.00)
Aunty, 我为你感到很骄傲!! 剃头发真的是件不容易的事。💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
Puay Li Tay ($100.00)
Serena, you are v brave! Jiayou!
Anonymous ($50.00)
Dawn Lum ($100.00)
支持你! 加油加油加油!!!
Cecily Ng ($50.00)
加油!You are amazing!
Pauline Ng ($100.00)
Susanna Tai ($100.00)
感恩 😍😍😍
Lai Hock Ng ($200.00)
Serena, 加油!
Xin Ling Ho ($100.00)
Kwee Kee Tang ($100.00)
学妹,我支持儿童癌症基金及支持您落犮 ~ 加油!
Agnes Wan ($50.00)
Great job! Serena
Michelle Lee ($100.00)
Michelle Lee ($100.00)
Wai Fun Lo ($100.00)
Xin Han Tay ($118.00)
Couldn't be there in person but super proud of mum for going through with this!! 还真的是五十岁,生活刚开始~
Mindy Ooi ($50.00)
Admire your courage and big heart.
Anonymous ($200.00)
Regina Soh ($50.00)
Yew Soon Kok ($100.00)
Cynthia Su ($50.00)
Well done Serena! May this kindness spreads around forever.
Sarah Chaye ($50.00)
Carol L ($50.00)
Ah Teck Chew ($100.00)
Yu Mei Tan ($100.00)
WaWa Chew ($50.00)
Chee Kiong Tay ($168.00)
Clary Cheong ($50.00)
Anonymous ($22.00)
Congratulation for a successful achievedment of your goal for a charitable course. Amazing! 💖
Seng Sheong Yee ($500.00)
Alvin Lai ($50.00)
You have a great heart!
Hwee Choo Tan ($50.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)
Chee Kiong Tay ($340.00)
My contribution in memory of all cancer patients who passed on...and my support for you in a worthy cause
Isabel Kuek ($100.00)
You are so awesome!
Gina Teo ($50.00)
Sally Ng ($100.00)
Proud of you my friend!
Anonymous ($150.00)
Well done Serena
Serena Tan ($50.00)
小小心意 + 为小姑姑祈福。
Chek Khoon Lim ($240.00)
My sister Sharon Lim Chwen is living in the states and has instructed me to donate for her.rnrnAll the best!
Hui Kow ($30.00)
You are a brave girl