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"When CCF asked me to be the poster girl for HfH 2018, I was a bit surprised that my family agreed. If having my mug shot plastered on a few banners will help raise some money for sick children, why not? I believe that God brings pain and suffering to bring out our better angels. But it is still hard to see children suffering. Please let your better angels prevail and donate generously."
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Online pledges - $20,302.00, Manual pledges - $3,000.00

Donations in support of Jacqueline Woo

Kui Seng Tham ($1,000.00)
May we be the first of many supporters to this good cause!
Anonymous ($500.00)
Anonymous ($500.00)
What a wonderful thing you're doing for the children!
Fook Kuan Low ($100.00)
Anonymous ($500.00)
Way to go, Jackie!
dharmendra yadav ($151.00)
Margaret Kim ($1,000.00)
Wei Min Wee ($300.00)
Yvonne Tan ($200.00)
You are awesome, Jackie
Corinne Chow ($100.00)
Joanna Lim ($50.00)
I wish I could be as brave and selfless as you, Jac!
Lyn Lee ($800.00)
Life is beautiful.
Debbie Lam ($500.00)
Serene Ho ($50.00)
With love from Jonathan who said he will also support you👍
Anonymous ($100.00)
Proud of your participation, Jackie!
Carl Walsh ($1,000.00)
You are an inspiration, Jackie!
Mui Lee Lou ($100.00)
Anonymous ($80.00)
Good job. Keep it up.
jimmy pang ($200.00)
hope for hair!
YT Foo ($500.00)
Chris Flosi ($500.00)
Way to go Jackie!!!
Janice Ang ($100.00)
Joyce Lai ($1,000.00)
Anonymous ($200.00)
You're my angel and poster girl Jackie!! (WITH HUGS, "little jacq")
Anonymous ($200.00)
Good Job 👏 Cheering you on 😘
Yvette Yeow ($200.00)
Lily Teo ($1,000.00)
You are the best!
Anonymous ($100.00)
Courageous and inspiring - well done Jac!
AKASH Mohapatra ($1,000.00)
Jackie you rock. You are an inspiration and for a lady to shave is not at all easy. You have been a pillar of support for more than 5 years for CCF.
Cynthia Teong ($100.00)
You are amazing !
Agnes Liew ($500.00)
Jacq, you are a Star! Most inspiring!
Mui Keng Tan ($300.00)
Support your cause to give hair for love and love for hope
Louiza Chong ($100.00)
Big hugs to you!
Jane Marie Ng ($100.00)
So proud of you, Jackie. You have my support!
Sim Seng Lim ($700.00)
Ferdy Khouw ($888.00)
Me Yin Chong ($100.00)
Vivien Yap ($500.00)
Way to go Jac ! Happy to pay for your haircut!
William Lai ($500.00)
Anonymous ($100.00)
Christine Gan ($300.00)
You are an amazing lady....!
Cecilia Liew ($200.00)
Linda Sen ($50.00)
Am so proud of you, Jac! Big hug, Linda
Anonymous ($100.00)
Agnes Koh ($500.00)
Lace Teo ($1,000.00)
Way to go, Jackie!
Ee San Sim ($500.00)
Angela Papesch ($333.00)
Well done Jackie - you are making such a difference. Truly inspiring!
Ju Huat Kuek ($200.00)
God bless you and family Jac
Valerie Cheah ($200.00)
Sending you our good wishes Jackie ♥️ Val & family
Anonymous ($1,000.00)
Well done Jackie!