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Janice Koh

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"I’m shaving for my mother, all other cancer patients and animals suffering from cancer too"
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It Peng Wang ($50.00)
Great to set an example for good deeds!
Selena Wong ($900.00)
Proud of your courage as always!
IDA CHEE ($1,000.00)
soon seng tay ($888.00)
Ivan Chee ($1,088.00)
Way to go!! Looking forward to ur new style!
Stella Heng ($50.00)
Seok Cheng Judy Saw ($100.00)
I am so proud of u!
Magdalene Lee ($150.00)
Joe Chow ($100.00)
Jenny Chong ($20.00)
You are very brave !
Priscilla Tang ($50.00)
Rebecca Selegie ($50.00)
Anonymous ($100.00)
Olivia Chong ($50.00)
Clara Chua ($30.00)
Awesome 👏🏻
Poh Suan Tan ($1,000.00)
Jelena Koh ($50.00)
You are v brave!
A K H CHEE ($999.99)
Molly Tay ($100.00)
Salute yr courage
Leah Arie ($500.00)
Bernard Bong ($100.00)
Great job 👍
Dorothy Chee ($500.00)
👍for being Courageous
Zaina Hussain ($50.00)
You are so brave
Lawrence Pang ($20.00)
Catherine Ho ($20.00)
Kiat Seng ($50.00)
Anonymous ($100.00)
Janet Tang Yew Lan ($50.00)
S P Lee ($100.00)
Bravo and thank you, Janice.
Anonymous ($50.00)
Sending you love from TTDI
Choo Eng Ong ($300.00)
Yan Qing Juay ($100.00)
Eng Hoon Chee ($500.00)
Anonymous ($888.00)
Anonymous ($20.00)
Jin Jay Tan ($1,000.00)
Ching Siew Tan ($1,000.00)
Judy Foo ($100.00)
Good deed brings good blessing.
Priscilla Guan ($100.00)
Jennifer Low ($100.00)
Teck Hock Lim Edmund ($100.00)
Jerry Tan ($60.00)
Kia Le Tan ($100.00)
Li Wen ($50.00)
Juliana Guan ($100.00)
Hi Janice, May God bless you for the kind deed. It takes courage to shave your head. You really look good.
JN Lee ($100.00)
Sok Hoon Ong ($200.00)
Im Choo Chee ($500.00)
Kind, Generous You!!
Chan Family ($10.00)
😘佩莉师兄你勇猛精进!! 给你爱❤心😊
Teo Hung khim ($50.00)
Theresa Soh ($200.00)
Janice, you're very brave and kind Thank you for being so giving! ❤
Diana Zhenyan Zhuo ($200.00)
Cheers Aunty Janice!! Lots of Love from Debra and Samantha Kim 💖💖
Regina Yeo ($300.00)
Well done babe 🥰and kudos to your other lovely ladies too 👏👏👍👍From Edmund (Skinny) & family