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Jeffrey Wong

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"Am glad to continue supporting this worth cause. Besides, its cool to be bald!"
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Keng Siong Chan ($50.00)
Joey Leau ($20.00)
SALLY LAM ($100.00)
Marieta Chan ($100.00)
Thanks Jeff for supporting this cause
Tiong Whei Angeline Yap ($100.00)
Nice haircut for a good cause! :)
Lean Whee Teo ($200.00)
Rui sen LIM ($50.00)
Grace Yip ($50.00)
Peck Lian Joyce Nang ($250.00)
Sock Kiang Grace Chan ($200.00)
Robin Thevathasan ($50.00)
Well done Jeffrey!
Anonymous ($20.00)
George Joseph Palathinkal ($50.00)
Gerald Pillai ($50.00)
Well done Jeffery God Bless you
Geok Tin Koh ($50.00)
Keane Kee ($20.00)
Shiau Fong Alby Lam ($50.00)