Jimmy Kim Chong Lo Yuk Ting

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"To support a good cause & raise awareness in the community"
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Online pledges - $1,550.00, Manual pledges - $0.00

Donations in support of Jimmy Kim Chong Lo Yuk Ting

Jimmy Kim Chong Lo Yuk Ting ($500.00)
Patrick Ng Lim Hing ($88.00)
Well done Jimmy! Great to have you with us this year!!
Yan Seng Lim ($50.00)
Make the bald statement!
Ming Yu Hiew ($50.00)
Nice one Jimmy!
Ken Koay ($100.00)
Well done jimmy.
Ow Yoke Lan ($100.00)
Wow.. You are the best !
Shufen Lin ($112.00)
Yan Ke ($50.00)
Great! Enjoy new hairstyle
Anonymous ($100.00)
Thomas Tay ($100.00)
Thank you for stepping forward to make this bold decision!
Aileen Wee ($100.00)
Let's make this world a better place for all!
Lian Tin Cheng ($50.00)
jimmy, well done.
Chong Peng How ($50.00)
All the best, Jimmy
WEE BOON LIM ($50.00)
Good work
Tek Sing Lim ($50.00)
Well done