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Jonathan Lim

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"For a group of passioned 8 Eggheads and for my Papa Lim who is turning 80 Years Old this year and shaving his 14th times for HFH!

We are here to support CCF and going botak can also be very cool (in style and for hot sg weather)!"
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Online pledges - $738.00, Manual pledges - $0.00

Donations in support of Jonathan Lim

Lim Shin Lik ($100.00)
Papa Lim supports Eightheads
Isabel Kuek ($288.00)
加油! The one and only BinR2! Dooo dooo dooo! 🤖
Angela Tan ($50.00)
Xiangrui Weng ($50.00)
I hope everyone can win their battles! Don't give up, there's always hope in the next corner.
Wee Pin Edwin Oh ($50.00)
Huat ah~
Anonymous ($50.00)
ML Lee ($100.00)
Kwang Yong Wee ($50.00)