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"Just playing a small part to help raise funds to aid children and families impacted by cancer. Please show your support by donating. To all children and adults fighting against cancer, "Be Brave and be strong, it's ok to be bald!" :)"
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Online pledges - $1,099.99, Manual pledges - $0.00

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Anonymous ($100.00)
Go JJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous ($50.00)
For LN!!!!!
Anonymous ($50.20)
Go JJ! For the love of 滷肉饭!
Anonymous ($86.79)
Preorder MH! Go to Florida this year!
Anonymous ($153.60)
Anonymous ($100.00)
Baby, I'm just gonna shave, shave, shave, shave, shavernI shave it off, I shave it off
Anonymous ($36.15)
Let's go JJ! Try this number man, if strike can donate to charity as well haha.
Anonymous ($123.45)
Nice man J! Next time you do this again I will replace the Ƈ' with any of the 4 digit behind!
Anonymous ($20.00)
Anonymous ($88.00)
Anonymous ($50.80)
Anonymous ($21.00)
Go JJ!
Z . ($120.00)
See you in Astera and Seliana.
Anonymous ($100.00)