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Justin Goh

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"i have known people close to me who have suffered from and/or died from cancer. i know it can be a terrible disease and i would like to encourage any kid battling it to never lose hope."
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Donations in support of Justin Goh

Siew Pin Chiam ($20.00)
Well done, Justin! God bless you for the good deed.
Ying Ying Tan ($100.00)
Sheau Wei June Tang ($200.00)
Thank you for giving the kids Hope!! :)
Joey Lim ($100.00)
Yvonne Tan ($20.00)
Go Justin!!
Li Wen Phang ($50.00)
Thank you Justin for the kind gesture!
Mary Lim ($100.00)
Thank you Justin for making a difference.
Anonymous ($30.00)
Yan Kai Lee ($100.00)
Thanks Justin for your kindness.
Angeline Tang ($100.00)
Wendy Jong Lee Lim ($50.00)
Mui Li Teo ($100.00)
Thanks for sharing your big heart and save the children.
Zhi Wei Low ($30.00)
Sylvia Tan ($100.00)
Chee Mei Foa ($20.00)
Jonathan Wong ($50.00)
Jesslyn Oh ($50.00)
Shuhua Zhang ($100.00)
Deon Tan ($50.00)
Xinran Dong ($20.00)
Joanne Ho ($20.00)
Thank you for your brave gesture!!
Serene Chua ($20.00)
Thank you for the good cause!
Edelia Izzati ($20.00)
Edelia Izzati ($20.00)
Lijie Yu ($150.00)
Thanks for making this brave gesture!
Mei Ching Ong ($100.00)
Avinash Masih ($50.00)
Hui Boon Koh ($100.00)
Thank you for taking a step to make a difference in these children's lives
Merula Mangudi ($100.00)
Tiong Whei Angeline Yap ($100.00)
Thanks for making that bald statement for a good cause!
Gerald Eng ($100.00)
Peck Lian Joyce Nang ($200.00)
Kudos for doing a good cause. 🙏