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"To contribute to the effort and draw more attention to cancer sufferers. My mum passed away a couple of years ago after a prolonged fight against cancer. I saw how her cancer ravaged her and how she endured the pain and suffering for so long."
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Online pledges - $14,735.00, Manual pledges - $500.00

Shaving Time Slot:
27 July 2019, 3pm - 4pm

Donations in support of Justin Hwai Kwo Chen

Leslie Ng ($100.00)
Go for it Justin! Worthy cause!
Seng Lee YU ($100.00)
Good Job Mr. Chen!
Phil Hong ($100.00)
Well done bro! I.might just join u.😁😁
Yu Jin Tan ($100.00)
Make it smooth
Chris Yim ($100.00)
Hensem Boy! Go go go!
Alan Ng ($50.00)
Good stuff!
Jeff Neui ($100.00)
bro, you rock....
Mavis Pang ($50.00)
remember to put sun block after that 🀣
Geraldine Goh ($50.00)
Eric KHUA ($200.00)
Vincent ong ($100.00)
well done, brother Justin.
Ejin See ($100.00)
Louis Mah ($100.00)
Andy Chan ($100.00)
Go for it
David Poon ($1,000.00)
Way to go! Proud of you man!
Philip Cher ($100.00)
Salute your Bravery Justin ! Well done bro. God bless.
Mike WT Leow ($100.00)
You are the best bro! Hope for cancer fighters!
Paul Cheang ($500.00)
Thank you for your unselfish act.
Andrew Ng ($1,000.00)
Love you Bro !
Savage Marcus ($100.00)
Jerome Goh ($100.00)
Anonymous ($100.00)
Hui Low ($100.00)
Rock on Recruit!
SENG HUAT AU ($100.00)
Joven Tan ($50.00)
Sam Wu ($50.00)
Randy Tan ($100.00)
Well done Bro!
KF Leong ($400.00)
I think you will look great !
Alex Tan KB ($50.00)
Way to go bro, RESPECT!
Hwee boon Lui ($100.00)
Hui Ying Chng ($50.00)
πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» Supporting u
William Er ($888.00)
Cool bro ! You will still look handsome without hair .
Yoan Jenneth ($100.00)
Roland Chua ($50.00)
Good job, Justin! Gambatte!
Kent Hiew ($100.00)
You the man! feel like bolding also now..
Katherine Fam ($200.00)
Kat Wee ($100.00)
Good job Justin.
Chester Chan ($100.00)
Peter Goh ($100.00)
Kudos Justin!
Seth Chiow ($20.00)
All the best Justin! Just a small token to support you!
Hua Seng Goh ($500.00)
God bless you for the marvelous social contribution.
Gina Goh ($100.00)
Well done!
Jin Hui Chia ($50.00)
Way to go!! πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻
Kim Tan ($88.00)
Gwen Lee ($100.00)
Roy Keng Hong Tan ($100.00)
Sarah Tan ($100.00)
Anonymous ($100.00)
go for it bro!
Patrick Tan ($200.00)
Chee Khan Lim ($200.00)
Song Kim Lam ($88.00)
You're the greatest.
Pok Seah Tan ($100.00)
Bee Choo Lim ($100.00)
Joana Png ($100.00)
You are still as handsome as always
Neo Bi Soh ($500.00)
Anonymous ($500.00)
Kok HENG Ng ($50.00)
Go Justin go go
Goh Weihau ($50.00)
To support the cancer children
Kevin Seetoh ($50.00)
Henry Ang ($50.00)
Lose the hair. And you gain spiritual karma
Anonymous ($50.00)
Well done bro for being brave and charitable!
Anonymous ($113.00)
Jenny Lee ($800.00)
Ji bor &amp friends
Anonymous ($100.00)
Michael Chen ($100.00)
Good job dude....
Hashim Haneeffa ($200.00)
Great job bro! I am proud of you!
HV Wong ($70.00)
Way to go Justin!
Kok Hwee Tan ($100.00)
Kudos to you bro!!! Go Go Go!
Kevin Khua ($50.00)
Manop Phumchan ($100.00)
Julynn Ngiam ($1,000.00)
Proud of U! πŸ‘
Song ping Teoh ($388.00)
Go bro . Proud of you
YS Chan ($80.00)
Transformation back to army recruitment age! But still as charming
Ezwan Johaniff Elias ($50.00)
Power bro! Shave em like its hot!
Felix Fong ($100.00)
Great job Justin! rnFelix and Jean
Kelvin Sim ($1,000.00)
Bro, proud of your contribution. Your sacrifice will save life
Michael Heng ($100.00)
Handsome la!
Dexter Chan ($100.00)
Seiichiro Kanemasu ($100.00)
Bro, support you!