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Kah Meng Tay

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"Did it 3 years ago and this time, joining my two beautiful cousins, two courageous aunties and one awesome helper to spread the good cause."
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Veron Lim ($50.00)
👍👍 well done
Deborah Ng ($100.00)
Henry Low ($100.00)
Winston Chong ($50.00)
*** power.. respect you bro
Yuan Seng Lau ($50.00)
Jiagen Eep ($100.00)
Ka Wing Wong ($288.00)
SP Lau ($50.00)
Respect, bro!
Cathy Tang ($2,000.00)
Thank you for doing this!
Susanna Toi ($100.00)
Woei Tyng Tan ($100.00)
Edwin Foo ($100.00)
Tracy Hong ($50.00)
Nice! Have to support!
Suwitra Lin ($300.00)
Gijae Seong ($100.00)
Jennifer Ng ($50.00)
Lyn Chang ($200.00)
Steady bro!
Angeline Chang ($250.00)
Kudos! I hope to join you one day to do this for a good cause!
Jidi Ng ($100.00)
This family is truly inspiring!
Amos Aw ($50.00)
Keep up the good work bro!
Alan Leung ($50.00)
Support for the effort!
Li Wen ($50.00)
Geok Hua ($50.00)
Vicky Kuo ($100.00)
Lyv Meah ($100.00)
Good job! Shaving your eyebrows next? :D
Manish Prabhakar ($50.00)
Kew Yong Koh ($3,000.00)
Where/what are you shaving next for the stretch goal? :D
Wee Kiat Lim ($50.00)
Anna Nguyen ($50.00)
Chi Shan Chan ($72.88)
I finally joined you this year
Anonymous ($100.00)
Yi Zhen Ee ($50.00)
Darren Ong ($100.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)
Anonymous ($100.00)
Tks Botak for doing this
Lynette Ooi ($500.00)
Peter Moore ($200.00)
Sha Zheng ($100.00)
Wish for a better world.
Kim Siong Tan ($50.00)
You're blessed to be a blessing to the children in CCF! :)
Ai Li Teo ($100.00)
Good vibe!
Chaitanya Shah ($50.00)
Lionel Meranda Tay ($18.00)
Hooray Daddy !!! 😬🥰
Su King Na ($20.00)
Siaw Kiang Sia ($50.00)
Boh Jio!!!
William Henry Taslim ($100.00)
Thanks for raising the awareness and fund for the cause!
Vinod Janardanan ($100.00)
Bernard 👍👏🏼
Leong-Yan Yoong ($500.00)
Great initiative!
Chen Chuan Liu ($50.00)
Abel Ng ($50.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)
Geraldine Tan ($50.00)
Joonmo Park ($100.00)
Like your courage and love for the people in need!
Josen George ($50.00)
Alabhya Mandloi ($50.00)
Raymond Lee ($100.00)
Jia You!!
Amos Lim ($50.00)
Well done. Remind me of your younger days in secondary school. Haha.
Abhijit Srivastava ($50.00)
Good work Bernard!
Claire Cai ($13.00)
Derek Mathieson ($50.00)
Way to go Bernard!
Eugene Chan ($100.00)