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"To raise money and awareness for childhood cancer research."
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Anonymous ($50.00)
Maybe another $50 if beard is counted too 😏😏 With love, Lady Boss
Anonymous ($20.00)
This is amazing and fantastic. All the best!!! Btw, I am hoping to see you in _😆.
Phyo Wai Aung ($10.00)
A Daw Gyi ($50.96)
great job😏 👴👴
Lauro Quisiquisi ($50.00)
Additional $69 if you shave your chest hair 🤤
Good job
Jannie Lee ($50.00)
Thanks for saving water/shampoo/hair gel for a few months!
3 Three ($2.37)
Just wanted to see all 3's
shaolong Guo ($20.00)
Well done dude!!!