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"The reasons I am shaving all of my hair are: first, I feel very very bad for kids who have cancer because they lose all of their hair from the cancer medicine, so I am trying to say to them “You are not the only bald kid!” I am trying to support them. Second, this is personal for me because my grandfather died of cancer earlier this year. I was very close to him and I am very sad that he died. My other grandfather also has lung cancer and he is fighting very hard. Those are the reasons."
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grace goh ($300.00)
So proud of you Keegan! I'm gonna make you a special cake for this too. Tell me what you want to have! Big hugs!
Chee-Yann Wong ($100.00)
Marie Goh ($100.00)
Dear Keegan, proud of your -hairless-contribution to a worthy cause!
Eugenia Lee ($200.00)
Go Keegan! You're very brave :) wish I could be as brave as you
Hardy Saat ($500.00)
Keegan, rnYou have my support
Lyn 93384886 ($100.00)
You are so brave and you make a big difference to this cause! Please share your picture with Kai, he will be rooting for you. Sending you hugs!
Janice Ang ($100.00)
Way to go Keegan! Your two grandfathers will be very proud of you.
Benjamin Lau ($50.00)
All the best Keegan, admirable effort!
Tommie Goh ($1,000.00)
Good job Keegan! Cheers best regards
ping ong ($50.00)
you are inspiring Keegan!! You have a big heart xx I love your video too.
Jia Liu ($300.00)
Keegan, you are a very kind and caring boy! I'm very proud of you!!! Hugs...
Anonymous ($100.00)
Mudra says : Keegan, you are very brave and all my support is with you.
Kellie Ta ($100.00)
Good effort Keegan! An impressive gesture for someone as young as you! Very proud of you!!
Anonymous ($50.00)
Nate - Aly Leong ($100.00)
Proud of you Keegan!
Chris Flosi ($500.00)
Awesome job Keegs! Super proud of you.
Su Mien Seng ($100.00)
You are a star !
Anonymous ($955.00)
This donation is from the Northstar Partners. They are all very impressed by you Keegan.
Anonymous ($200.00)
This donation is from the Viajante Brothers. Good stuff Keegan!
Marian Flosi ($100.00)
Lots of love from Grammy!
Zhen Yang Mok ($200.00)
Great job Keegan! Proud of you! Looking forward to see you bald!
Tang Foh Mok ($500.00)
Yuet Lan Cheong ($100.00)
Pui Kee LUM ($50.00)
Cindy Mok ($300.00)
We are behind you Keegan!
AKASH Mohapatra ($1,000.00)
Keegan,rnYou rock. Your video is so amazing and you speak so well and from the heart to explain why you are shaving. May God bless you. Love. Uncle A.
Dolly Lau ($500.00)
Great Job Keegan! You are too brave!!! xx
Jackie Low ($1,000.00)
Because one person is of more value than the world - you live that Keegan. Well done!
Angela Papesch ($500.00)
You are an inspiration Keegan - well done!
Sasha Pawa ($50.00)
I support you Keegan!
Andrew Tangye ($100.00)
Gd job Keegan. Looking forward to seeing your botak head!
Anonymous ($2,500.00)
Awesome young man!
Leng Chan Mok ($200.00)
Great job Keegan! 'Gu Po' support you.
Steven Woon ($200.00)
Way to go Keegan! Support you all the way!
Jenny Tan ($200.00)
Well done Keegan!
Jimmy Kwok ($100.00)
well done.
Anonymous ($100.00)
Good luck, Keegan! I think it is really great that you are doing this to support a great cause! - Catie
Ben Cariss ($100.00)
Well done Keegan for supporting this great cause!
Anonymous ($50.00)
Keegan, you are an amazing boy.We're so proud of you.Mei
Ashish Shastry ($688.00)
We are very proud to support this, way to go Keegan.
Amy Tong ($300.00)
Hi Keegan, we have not met but I have known your dad for a few years now and really touched to see your video and big heart in helping others.