Kin Lim Ung

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"To help raise awareness for children's cancer program and to support HP social initiatives. "
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Online pledges - $1,015.00, Manual pledges - $0.00

Donations in support of Kin Lim Ung

Julie Han ($25.00)
Well Done, Pal Kin Lim
Azlan Ghazali ($50.00)
Well done Mr Ung
Anonymous ($300.00)
Great Deed!
Adelina Lee ($100.00)
Great job Ung! Very proud of you
Elizabeth Chang ($20.00)
Min Yee Kok ($50.00)
Kudos Ung!
Winnie Ling ($20.00)
Well done Ung - very good ahhh ..
Yoke Eng Ng ($100.00)
Steve Lir ($200.00)
Ung, well done! You are my role model!
Mei Song Yiong ($100.00)
You are so kind and brave!
Anonymous ($50.00)