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"Undergoing cancer treatments can often be a long drawn, painful and emotionally draining process for most adults, and even more so for young children! We should do more to raise awareness about the physical and emotional trials that cancer patients experience, and provide the strong support they need during this difficult journey. Wishing all cancer patients a speedy and full recovery!"
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Online pledges - $56,506.00, Manual pledges - $0.00

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28 July 2019, 2pm - 3pm

Donations in support of Koh Chuan yong

Anonymous ($100.00)
I will always support you, you will definitely can do it!
Anonymous ($200.00)
I support u all the way bro
Boon kwee Gooh ($100.00)
Anonymous ($1,000.00)
We are all behind you, stay strong as you always do bro💪💪💪
Ly Koh ($100.00)
Limin Koh ($100.00)
So proud of you!
bill gan ($50.00)
I shaved last month, and will shave again, you are not alone, we are walking behind you, in this dark valley.
Boon lee Sim ($5,000.00)
Huat ahhh!!!
Anonymous ($100.00)
Thank you for being such a role model! Support you 💪🏻
Anonymous ($200.00)
Anonymous ($100.00)
Always support you, boss! Fighting!!
Yoon Sin Loh ($5,000.00)
Muralikrishnan Rangan ($5,000.00)
Rock on brother!
Francis Koh ($50.00)
Jiayou rick!! Always stay positive
Vincent Lim ($500.00)
Bro all the best
CHEONG KIEN SAW ($5,000.00)
Bro 💪💪💪
Yeok hien Lim ($1,000.00)
加油Rick Koh! You can do it!!!
Leong San Liow ($1,000.00)
Anonymous ($1,000.00)
Bro, you are in all our warmest thoughts and prayers. Stay strong.
Anonymous ($200.00)
Always rooting for you, FUNKY BOSS! :) Lets all catch up someday soon! Take great care! 👧🏼
Stanley Heng Athalie Tay ($1,588.00)
The only people worthy to be in your life are the one that help you through the hard times and laugh with you after the hard times pass. Jiayou Bro!
jimmy hong ($500.00)
lets all help them tgt like rick boss
Anonymous ($50.00)
Jia You!!
Koh Chuan sing ($100.00)
Bro be 💪 ,we are there for u !
Anonymous ($100.00)
加油!Rick... rn记得哟,好心情,更健康!rn我们都会支持你的!
Koh Chuan yong ($10,000.00)
Giving is better than receiving because giving starts the receiving process. Thanks guys for the donation and support...🙏🙏🙏
Chin Chan Lim ($500.00)
Elbe Chong ($200.00)
Be strong.we are here to support you .
Chin Sean Lim ($500.00)
Jason Yeow ($200.00)
Never give up. Never give in.
Abigail - Jerry Ow ($300.00)
Hi Beng, both Jerry and I have been so blessed to have been able to know you. God is with you all the time!! We love you lots!!! Fighting!!!
Bee Leng Koh ($500.00)
3 Sisters: Keep fighting Bros! Jiayou!
Mark Koh ($200.00)
Bro, stay strong n positive 💪🏼rnWe will be with u to overcome this rn❤️❤️☘️☘️
Bruce Lee ($100.00)
明天会更好 💪
Alan Koh ($100.00)
Stay strong bro..we always with u
Anonymous ($100.00)
Stay strong
Ali Moochhala ($2,000.00)
Good work and take care bro.
Meng&Gaoying beh ($500.00)
Lex Chee ($200.00)
JOCE TEO ($50.00)
1 John 4:19 We love because He first loved us.
Anonymous ($500.00)
From your sista, Simbian. See u on Thurs 🍷🍷
Anonymous ($500.00)
Keep fighting and don&rsquot give up
Anonymous ($1,000.00)
Get well soon and stay strong, never give up.
Aik Hiah Heng ($100.00)
Shawn Ang ($500.00)
Bro Fight all the way!rnGod will watch over you!
Yu Jen Tai ($200.00)
All the best brother Koh! You can do it! Stay positive and happy :)
Anonymous ($50.00)
Strive On Koh Chuan Yong 👍
Anonymous ($288.00)
Life is a journey and all that matters is how many hearts are lighted up down this path...... Hang in there :)
Bee Leng Teoh ($50.00)
Janice Kek ($100.00)
Lionel Ng ($500.00)
Please recover soon
Kar seng Low ($80.00)
Be blessed
Anonymous ($50.00)
Desmond Kho ($100.00)
Be strong...get well soon
Tan Hwa Yong ($100.00)
Be the Best that you can Be.
Wendy Kho ($100.00)
HOPE can be a powerful force. Stay strong. Be positive.
Karthigeyan Kailasam ($200.00)
All the brother...God bless
Michelle Kho ($100.00)
Have faith. Stay positive.
Chander parkash Narang ($50.00)
God bless you!
Hee Jan Han ($50.00)
Joyce Chong ($100.00)
Have faith. God bless!
ANNA AO ($5,000.00)
支持你 Rick Koh ! 加油!You are our role model ! All the best !
Anonymous ($50.00)
Winson Utama ($300.00)
Jiayou bro! ❤️
Joey Yeo ($1,000.00)
Yo brornrnGood cause you are fighting for. Looking forward to hearing good news next week!!rnrnJoey David Yeo
J-sen Ong ($100.00)
God Bless!
Soon Bee Koh ($200.00)
Anonymous ($50.00)
Hope I can help in any way!
Kah Hoe Jeremy Chen ($200.00)
All the best for your health.
Fook sung Wong ($50.00)
All the best for your health
Anonymous ($100.00)
All the best for your health
Louis Kay ($50.00)
Gary Ng ($500.00)
Rick, chiong ah!!!!
Jeen Tan ($100.00)
Wish this little $$ can help...
Peng Yim Siew ($500.00)
Wishing u speedy recovery